End of businesses in the Tower Dist. – a clue?

The similarities to the decline of Downtown Fresno may be of interest – how is it that the more “renovations” that take place, the worse condition these areas are left in.  Hint:  Felony altering of sewer/water lines cannot be done without major reconstruction.  Best carried out in several steps to avoid calling attention, which appears to be behind the continued turnover in ownership and failed businesses.  An investigation into legal documents would clear that up – here is just a glimpse of one area.  There is a very distinct pattern following one of the city’s former employees – this is his “secret sideline.” 
 The Tower Dist. has always been known for its unique, quaint, street-lined properties – slow traffic due to a tight 2-lane street.  How did a middle lane miraculously appear in the west end of the Tower Dist?  There is no record of this taking place, yet the evidence is everywhere – destruction/ haphazard reconstruction of store-front properties.  Altered plat/parcel maps are not enough to cover up this kind of fraud – it accentuates the sewer layouts that no longer line up.  Lying about utility pole relocation is another issue – there are witnesses to that as well.  Why does the City/County of Fresno refuse to address the situation – going as far as to DENY that this took place when their own sewer layout verifies EXACTLY what was done.
Why were there no witnesses or complaints?  The street was first lined with people linked to the operation.  
Altering sewer/water lines has entailed removal of various structures; expansion of others.  Address changes; directories and aerial views altered as though things were always this way.  Newcomers have no reason to question anything – without any record of these alterations, remaining structures continue being sold as “original.”  And the turnover continues until finally ending with a revised deed that entails altered property lines. 
Without driving down the street or looking into old records, I recall some fires taking place in the area.  Surely there were more than this quick list I came up with – keep in mind that this operation began many, many years ago:
1. Remember the bar near the SW corner of Palm + Olive that burned down in the 60s?
2. The original Lucky Boy Hamburger that burned down on the south side of Olive in the 60/70s?
3. The bar on the NW corner of Olive and Fruit that burned down in the 70s?
4. First home south of Olive, on Adoline, burned down in the 70s?
5. Traffic School, Olive, near Fruit burned/rebuilt 70s
6. Turpins Furniture, Fulton off Olive burned 70/80s
7. Jackie’s Costumes, north side of Olive burned, prior to relocating to south side of Olive 70/80s
8. Dead end at San Pablo + Olive, burned in the 70/80s
9. Perkos Restaurant, on the north side of Olive, just south of Wishon burned down in the 80s.
10. Tire shop on NW corner of Blackstone + Olive burned before new tire shop re-opened (80/90s)
11. The thrift store on the NE corner of Palm + Olive that burned down in the 80/90s?
12. The 2 homes across the street (NE corner Olive + Ferger) burned; both lots are now parking for the furniture store
13. NW corner of Safford + Olive burned down prior to the martial arts occupying the building – 90s?
14. The Landmark – formerly Carnation restaurant, SW corner of Broadway + Olive burned in the 90s
15. 2 blks east of tire shop, on south side of Olive, upholstery shop burned down (90s)
16. A & M Carpet, Olive, north of Fruit Ave. – burned down (80s?)
17. Tiny’s Olive Branch, Olive, next to Roeding Park – burned down (80?)
18. The old Herb Bauer’s building, Olive, between Tiny’s & Roeding Park – burned down (80?)
This is a 2-mile stretch!  Like the sewer/water line altering taking place – because it did not happen at the same time, no one sees or questions anything.  Perhaps it is time they do. 

Wouldn’t it be interesting to compare notes among the people who put so much time, effort and money into building improvements.  Because there is another layer to all of this – the vultures who strip and switch.  For instance, notice the blue awning around the showcase on the corner building.  Matching awnings covered the large windows on the west side of the building, as well as the large window on the northeast side.  Tenants, linked to WGS, appear to have torn them – after being repaired, these awnings mysteriously began falling apart.  Brand new awnings were then purchased for all the windows!  During the unauthorized “remodeling” that accompanied the sewer/water line alterations, those very windows and new awnings were then replaced with the trash now seen.  Thousands of dollars worth of venetian blinds were switched with trash.  On and on.  The building to the east of that:  Swieso’s air conditioning friend insisted that new central units were needed.  $5,000 later, those brand new units were switched with trash. Windows, light fixtures, doors, etc. switched.  
I’ve seen this pattern time and again.  In this case, due to the trash these buildings were put back together with (rotted, termite infested, etc.), corroded sewer/water lines and talk of a new restaurant that would open by WGS’s associate, I suspect a fire was/is going to take all this down.  Loosening the clamps is what caused the mold/ mushrooms to consume one of these structures which would make the remaining appear legitimate.  Imagine all the insurance claims behind this operation.  With contents “unknowingly” switched with trash, making for quite an operation, eh?  

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  1. 19. Trophy shop burned, then relocated to the north side of Olive Ave.
    20. Angelo’s Drive-In burned; rebuilt.

  2. Daughter of Jackie’s Costumes states that the business relocated but no fire.

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