1994 unsolved murder may intertwine in massive Fresno cover-up

 The intertwining of an unsolved murder, missing person/s, suspected homicide, poisoning and attempted murder, burglary, fraudulent and forged legal documents – events that took place 1 block from one another, including some of the same cast of characters and linked to the SECRET altering of the city sewer and water lines.  Unless done in-between sales, God help the property owner/occupant.
Before reviewing the photos below, please click on these 2 links.  Be sure to read both pages.  The first one pertains to the Polzin murder.  It was the discoveries made 10 yrs later, 1 block to the east, that magnified never-before disclosed facts behind that tragic event. 
William (“Bill”) Wyman Polzin unsolved 1994 murder
Isn’t this real estate fraud/theft?

 A closer look at the Polzin property:


Fresno Dept. of Public Works called me a “liar” and filed a Restraining Order against me after being caught behind felony altering of sewer, water and power lines 1 block east of the Polzin property.  The City’s own sewer layout verifies EXACTLY what they did – this was behind the sewage back spills we were lied to about.  This is behind all the newly clamped sewer and water lines.  This is behind the mold that consumed 1 of the 2 rental properties as Swieso conspired in cancellation of property insurance coverage.  This is behind the “gutting” and shoddy reconstruction of our properties, “suspected” homicide of my family members and attempted murder of me. THIS IS WHAT TOOK PLACE BEHIND WILLIAM POLZIN’S MURDER! 


Witnesses as well as sewer layout verifies the widening of Olive Ave. yet instead of notice or warning about the massive destruction / reconstruction, residents were lied to and eliminated. 

No longer lines up to plat map

No longer lines up to plat map



Parcel maps and aerial views were altered to cover up the evidence of the massive alterations including widening the residential street as well; cutting off several feet from front lawns, compensated by narrowing the alley!  With all my photographs and old documents stolen, the City of Fresno’s senior risk analyst, Kerry Trost then smirked, “You will never prove it” as he had a Restraining Order issued against me – turning the tables and calling me a “liar” about what took place.  He further prohibited me from seeking help, justice for the murders of my family, or compensation for what was done/stolen/destroyed.  Run off our income properties; my home left a shambles; property insurance sabotaged so I am unable to file a claim for ANY of this!  It was not intended that I would still be alive; fraudulent legal documents had been prepared; fraudulent life insurance policy; told I would be meeting the others, “in another world”; all assets distributed. The goal is now to discredit me and see that no reports are made – that allows the city to continue calling me a “liar” because “there is no report on file.”  THEY DO NOT ALLOW REPORTS! 
No record for the relocation of sewer manholes, storm drains and fire hydrants, which I was also called a “liar” about. 
Here lies a 50+/- cover-up.  This is at the core of heinous and barbaric crimes, pollution, illness, nasty water, much more.  According to Swieso, it is the continuation of Bonadelle’s “secret water operation” – WATER DIVERSION!  This, he said, was how they got around water laws and regulations, boasting that no one was as brave as he is when it comes to breaking laws.  He claims to be the mastermind behind this as far back as when it began – laughing that the public will never figure it out because they believe anything they are told.
I tried to make the surrounding facts/people easier to understand by creating diagrams – please see: http://fresnorealestatefraudtheft.blogspot.com/2008/09/unsolved-murder-puzzle-fresno-ca.html

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  1. There can be little, if any doubt, that Bill’s death is linked to the City of Fresno’s secret replacement of the city’s water system. The fact that the Dept. of Public Works committed perjury to discredit their own records, verifies a massive cover-up.
    It is the properties lining Olive Ave. where the major roadwork and infrastructure upgrade took place, that the annihilating of property owners cannot be more obvious – they HAD be cleared out as this is where the excavation and bigger alterations are/were carried out and tied into the main lines. Done block at a time, no one suspected anything. For Bill’s neighbors to claim that nothing like this took place is another clue. Because not only did I personally see the major reconstruction that took place, those same neighbors rotated around the corner, carrying out the same unauthorized alterations that lead into Bill’s lines. They are the same neighbors who claim that nothing took place on my family’s properties across the street yet as you can see by the diagrams/photographs, they are lying. So were the “planted” tenants who filed fraudulent lawsuits.

    Not only was Olive Ave. widened (without notice), the difference from Arthur Ave. and Vagedes Ave. (residential streets on both sides of Polzin) speaks for itself. Click on this link to see pic: http://www.imagecross.com/02/image-hosting-view-09.php?id=7831belmont-128.JPG

    See this link to learn how the planning behind all of this began looooong ago: CLICK: End of Business in Tower Dist. – a clue?

    This operation is behind the “suspected homicide” of my family members, attempted murder of me. It is behind the disappearance (suspected homicide) of my other neighbor, whose property (Olive Ave.,) was also stripped and reconstructed during unauthorized replacement of city water lines – when the city’s equipment remained for days as this took place. This is behind the forged and fraudulent legal documents for 3 of 4 of these properties. The attorney who conspired in preparation of fraudulent legal documents for my family’s properties is the SAME attorney who handled Bill Polzin’s estate! He also handled another estate linked to the group behind this operation. It was near the time I began to uncover all of this that the attorney secretly closed up his office – never to be seen again. (I am not convinced he was who he claimed to be – Swieso should be questioned and investigated for that as well, as their offices were next door to one another – they used to “share” clients.)

    People are being run off their property, exposed to raw sewage discharges, lied to about the cause – and in some cases, never seen again. Not only do I know this first hand – I saw the risk analyst set up my neighbor aka: more suspected homicide.

    The City of Fresno filed a Restraining Order against me for reporting this. Death threats followed.

    Old directories have even been altered. Old, unaltered records (plat maps) and photographs of Fresno are needed.

  2. Here is another possible clue as to the vacating and “renovations” of street-lined properties along Olive Ave. to pull this off. At LEAST 18 fires within a 2-mi. stretch!?! This does not include other murder(s), deaths, suspected homicide, “missing” person/s, running people out of business, running people off their property, ID theft, fraudulent and forged legal documents – all along this same 2-mi. stretch down Olive Ave. (Yes, I have names and addesses.) Click below:

    Click —-> Lauck’s Bakery – end of an era

    “Everybody sooner or later, sits down to a banquet of consequences.”
    Robert Louis Stevenson

  3. CLICK HERE: More re: Polzin’s unsolved murder

  4. No more information will be added to this blog. Today, the Police detective (Ledbetter) on this case told me that unless I had the actual name / confession of the murderer, DNA or matching bullet, no go.
    The fact that Bill’s next-door-neighbors blatantly lied about the surrounding events before, during and after to cover up the truth about Bill’s murder is of no significance. Conspiring in the preparations behind the murder, alterations from their property tying into the Polzin property, which entailed massive structural alterations followed by altered records to cover up the evidence! These neighbors will not even be questioned as to why they lied or participated in what appears to be the PLOTTING of this murder. Links from the Polzin murder to suspected homicides and other crimes directly across the street are insignificant.
    Clearly, this is a “ring” – there is a trail of this. People being eliminated in order to secretly replace underground and overhead utilities without leaving witnesses or complaints. Same group; same motive; same liars; same “planted” neighbors; same cover-up. It would seem that an investigation into ANY OF THIS information I provided would surely lead to exposing the name of the person who shot Mr. Polzin, but that is not how it works.
    I was encouraged to donate money to Crime Stoppers for a reenactment of the murder on TV. Would that include valued testimony from the next-door-neighbors? After all, they are not considered suspects because they “said” they did not know or see anything.
    I am through. This unsolved murder will remain unsolved.


    Open letter to the daughter of MURDERED William Polzin

  6. David A. Silva, atty for William Polzin. Another disappearance?

    Click: CA State Bar should be ashamed of how they handled this

  7. Click ===> Fresno, CA: Tower District Murder Cover-Ups

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