Death, illness follow City of Fresno sewage back spills

Rather than any warning or chance to protect myself, my family or belongings from deliberate discharging of toxic, infectious, disease-carrying raw sewage that REPEATEDLY took place as city sewer and water lines were being illegally replaced in the alley, the risk analyst showed up afterwards and BLATANTLY LIED about the cause.  My life was not the only one destroyed by this barbaric operation. 

I endured ongoing illness, respiratory, excruciating foot infections. This is only a PORTION of 1 yr of RXs for me as this was taking place:

PORTION of 1 yr

PORTION of 1 yr

I was a caregiver at the time – my handicapped uncle’s hospital visits coincided with sewage back spills – his death coincided with the city upgrade that took place in front of our properties.
On record, it will be found that I initially refused to sign the risk analyst’s “release for clean-up” due to the flooding of sewage down the alley – seeping into back yards.  There was no doubt in my mind there would be death and illness – how could this be allowed!?!  She merely responded that it was not her problem.  After my belongings sat in raw sewage 48 hrs I felt I had no choice but to sign – this was jeopardizing our health.  It was also jeopardizing my next-door-neighbor’s health, which began to deteriorate.  Hepatitis flared up; his foot infection also became so bad he had to have it amputated – he died at age 50.  From what I understand, there is a trail of this. 

My neighbor across the alley was also being deluged in raw sewage – the risk analyst was the last person seen speaking to him, lying about the cause of these events as she did to me.  My neighbor was never seen again. 
Imagine later learning that all of these sewage back spills were intentional and deliberate.  The lies were never-ending.  She lied about the countless photographs taken of our belongings that were stolen/switched.  She lied about the widening of Olive Ave., which was not only unauthorized it entailed massive destruction and patching of our properties – we ended up losing everything.  She lied about the relocation of utility poles also done without permits or inspections.  Lie after lie after lie – no regard for the lives or safety of ANYONE!
It continues. And so does the escalation in CA-MRSA.  Staph breeds in raw sewage.  It is not only spread by contact, it is airborne as well as waterborne.  The City of Fresno increased medical benefits for themselves to specifically cover staph/MRSA while prohibiting reports pertaining to what appears to be contributing to the nightmare  AT THE SAME TIME DENYING THEIR “SECRET” OPERATION – THE ONE THAT THEIR OWN SEWER LAYOUT VERIFIES IS TAKING PLACE.


No longer lines up to plat map

No longer lines up to plat map



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