CLASSIC! Winslow’s Letter of Denial – a “must see!”

Fresno, CA

Written by Jeffry C. Winslow, in response to forged legal documents.  I am not sure Mr. Winslow was aware  they had been verified by a licensed handwriting expert as being forged when he wrote this classic:



This also serves as more evidence of how the group behind the “secret” altering of the city water system has gotten by with using MY behavior while being poisoned, to justify what THEY are running, including what they did to my family, our properties, belongings and me.  Calling me “crazy” and “liar” as the horrors continued.  Yes, I was that and worse, as long as the chemicals were in my system.  How could they have predicted I would get away before they finished me off.  The truth is that my family was only 1 of countless others who this group has annihilated.  They did the same thing to my neighbor, who was never seen again – risk analyst set him up!  My other neighbor, across the street, was shot/killed when done to his property!  So how is it that even when accompanied by evidence, they continue to get by with using ME as an excuse for their barbaric operation.  Mayor Autry demonstrated the answer to that, when he had the same city employee(s) who set up my family, neighbor and me to be wiped out, issue a Restraining Order against ME!  Same technique as Mr. Winslow used above; same technique the nightmare tenants used when filing fraudulent lawsuits against me in order to further destroy and discredit me – he had ME deemed as a “danger” to THEM!  Can you believe that.  His goons are currently in the process of having me completely wiped out.

Therefore, an absurd letter such as the one above – written by the very person committing the felony crimes, holds more significance than the one below – written by a licensed handwriting expert.

Licensed Handwriting Expert
Licensed Handwriting Expert

Caution:   Winslow runs a nearby resort in the mountains, where he met his former wife who has not been seen in years.  Signatures verified as forged.  He said she was “in another world” where I was scheduled to meet her.  Many attempts have already been made – no doubt that is where I am headed, courtesy of the “honest” folks behind this operation.  It is promoted as a family resort, which should make you feel safe – happy trails!

“Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.”  – Voltaire.


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  1. Hi Marla,

    JCW is a joke! Instead of giving a reason WHY the signatures were obviously forged,he turns the topic on you. Typical responce from a GUILTY person. I want to know where his wife Lora is, and did he also forge her name on a life insurance policy? In Insurance Law, after a person is missing 7 years they are considered dead. JCW could then collect her death benefit. Just a thought…God is with you.

  2. Hi, Bobbie! So you noticed how he twisted the issue into being about ME. When I was poisoned, that technique worked beautifully – one look or listen to me, and no one ever took anything further. If you can make your victim appear so horrible, you can commit crimes right in front of the so-called “experts.” They’ll even help!
    When I saw this letter on my hard drive I just had to post it – it is so incredibly ignorant that it speaks for itself. Was going to include copies of the forgeries but too lazy – they are shown in another blog ===>
    JCW would not have forged an insurance policy; that is WGS’s specialty. JCW is so frantic to deny that the documents are forged, he is saying Lora is alive and well. During my search, 3 different women claimed to be Lora. One person tried to tell me it was legal for him to forge her name because they were married – wrong, they were divorced. And he finally got caught. Now to find someone who gives a damn because it ties into much, much more.
    But good thinking Bobbie – I know that fraudulent life insurance policies are rampant among this group. I saw WGS forge countless insurance applications and alter legal documents while saying, “You can’t live for the dead.” With the chemicals in me, it never crossed my mind that ….. hey, wait a minute. How does someone forget to sign their own application. Or why would a total stranger give him permission to forge their name. And above all, it is illegal to forge insurance applications.
    WGS enrolled me in an insurance policy stating it was an “employee benefit.” Yet he appointed himself beneficiary and stated in his own writing that I was employed by one of the pension groups he services! I am sure he forged the name of my missing neighbor on an application – I remember the loops and misspelling, exactly as done on the final deed (new owner lives next to JCW!) That sickens me when I think of all the other forgeries. Can you believe that no one is looking into this?

  3. Check out his partner’s fraud, in his anticipation of MY final departure as they intended on adding our properties to the vast collection of other properties “acquired” by fraud/forgery of people never seen again:

    CLICK HERE! WGS’s Preparations for MY Final Departure!

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