Beware of Various Local Home Health Agency(s)

Fresno, CA

By now I had hoped to divulge the names of various home health personnel who are linked to WGS, ringleader behind the secret altering of the city water system. They are dishonest; they are dangerous.

Preying on the elderly is WGS’s specialty. This is the insurance agent / estate planner / broker-dealer / Long Term Care broker / realtor whose offers of “help with home repairs” inevitably result in sewage back spills. Illness and death follow – he is often seen forging and altering his victims legal documents and insurance papers while citing his motto: “You can’t live for the dead. “How is that for one of Fresno’s upstanding estate planners and members of the financial community.

WGS is linked to various home health personnel. What better opportunity to refer his trusting clients. Once in the home they can switch medications (as it appears was being done to my handicapped uncle.) How quickly the elderly are called “crazy” when they report their belongings being stolen or switched with inferior or broken look-alikes. Photos scanned/altered as though nothing changed – including the major alterations taking place under the guise of “help” or when the victim is hospitalized, leaving no one home. After their death, no one suspects that anything was ever touched.

Bonus: Did you know that when a person receives home health care, an autopsy can be refused? Poisoning could not be easier.

Throughout the ongoing horrors, I believed and trusted in the home health personnel (as we should all be able to do.) But how was it possible that even though my handicapped uncle was not entitled to the ongoing “help” and benefits, the services continued. Home Health is strictly designed for TEMPORARY help. How was he receiving so many benefits for YEARS!?! They said it could be done when the patient was as special as my handicapped uncle. To this day, I am not sure these people were legitimate or even licensed. My uncle’s death was timed to the citywide upgrade, which is when WGS took over. My uncle had to die in order for WGS to have the fraudulent legal documents prepared, overriding an Irrevocable Trust, appointing WGS “Successor Trustee” of my uncle’s estate properties. With my final departure also being planned, WGS enrolled me in a fraudulent insurance policy appointing himself, “Beneficiary!”

With chemicals continuing to be administered to me without my knowledge, and so sure I would not be alive to expose this nightmare, my uncle’s estate properties as well as my home had been completely rebuilt without authorization, permits or inspections, on top of the City of Fresno’s secretly-replaced water system. All our assets were distributed.

He then had one of the newly-clamped water lines loosened to create a mold situation. Conspired with the property insurance agent at DiBuduo & DeFendis Insurance Agency in cancellation / non-renewal of coverage. The “planted” tenant was going to sue and own all.

The criminal networking behind the secret altering of Fresno’s sewer, water and power infrastructures is endless. You can thank Mayor Alan Autry for preventing his friend, WGS, from being stopped or held accountable as others learn how easy it is to annihilate and take what others worked lifetimes for. It seems that as long as the crimes are linked to “clearing the path” for Public Works – reporting the atrocities is the biggest crime of all.


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    ===> Removing gold teeth from helpless Down’s syndrome

  2. Click on the first link below to see the crude comment left by the City of Fresno. After what they conspired in doing to my family, neighbors, our properties and me, this is their contribution. Using the city’s computer, sexual harassment.
    After contacting the name that appears on # 2, I was informed that this could be traced to the department that posted this trash. I was then referred to another gentleman who has steadfastly refused to even acknowledge me. Nothing new.
    Another member of their group is stalking me on MySpace, making heinous accusations and trying to discredit the information posted. CLICK HERE: My Stalker
    The hell is never-ending – I have spent years living in terror as a result of what the City of Fresno did, behind their secret water diversion project. Stripped of human and civil rights, now this.


    CLICK HERE: City of Fresno’s Sexual Harassment, Stalking, More

  4. Think these nurses / aides were not involved in the horrors that took place behind the secret altering of the city water system?

    One nurse actually brought her fiancé over, to show him my family’s properties next door – prior to when they were torn apart. Asking if they could have the antique sconces on the walls and what I planned to do with this and that. I could not understand why they were asking me such questions.

    One of the aides told me she wanted my baby grand piano after I died. Along with everything else I owned, my piano was switched.

    Another aide was stopping by after work every day, pillaging through my uncle’s pills. I once asked him what he was doing, he said he was making sure there were enough pills for the next day. In the condition I was in, never did I suspect what I do now. (This is the same person who used to repeatedly tell me how easy it would be to rip me off. He later delighted in telling me about his new above-ground pool. Coincidence or not – mine was switched with trash, including the brand new motor.)

    I overheard my former employer, WGS, referring some of these nurses/aides to his elderly clients. I am haunted by all of this daily.

    Then there was JCW, who took credit for having my handicapped uncle’s gold-filled teeth removed prior to his death.

    Do you really think that any of these people ever gave a damn about my uncle? Or me? Vultures. Can you imagine what they may be doing to others?

    Even the City of Fresno – after everything else they did to us, after reading this blog they left their sexual harassment comment. I could not protect my family, myself, our properties or belongings. We were not safe in our own home.

  5. Clearing the path behind CA Central Valley’s 50+ yr water scam. Robbing, killing, major reconstruction of victims’ property on top of secretly-replaced water system. Altered records to cover evidence. Hence the trail of burglaries, forgeries, real estate theft, murders – all being covered up. Including several of Rolf’s neighbors who were also murdered / left dead to pull this off.

    So-called “water infrastructure upgrade” is the final phase of this operation – evidence is behind the altered records to cover up and the perjury to deny!

    CLICK: 50+ yr cover-up

  6. CLICK: Home Heath: Who was behind the blood tests?

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