“Fresno suffers more power outages than neighboring communities” (Duh ….. here is why.)



Fresno suffers more power outages than neighboring communities

California and other states require investor-owned utilities to publish reliability statistics, including the number of minutes the average customer goes without power each year. Brad Branan of the Fresno Bee looked at those numbers to find that “customers in the Fresno division of Pacific Gas & Electric Co. go without power longer than those in most areas served by the utility in Central and Northern California, according to a report the utility filed with state regulators.” Statistics from the past year show that Fresno experience 34% more outages than average for communities served by PG&E. California’s reliability reports can be found here.

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I am no genius, but it seems that the answer to this is quite simple.  Read about a massive cover-up in Fresno, CA re: unauthorized altering of underground and overhead utilities.  Photos included.  Click here  ===>  http://missmarla.wordpress.com/2008/11/21/kerry-trost-fresnos-sr-risk-analyst-perjury-see-evidence/

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  1. Unexplained utility bill increase? It appears that electric lines are being tapped into, which also causes power surges.

    Yesterday, I went to PG&E to discuss this with them yesterday – this is what I learned. It does not matter if your bill went from $50/mo to $4,000 in one month – PG&E will not disclose any information / discrepancies in nearby power bills. Disclosure laws. Secondly, it is “not their problem” because the power is being stolen from their customers – NOT THEM. Your neighbor has to VOLUNTARILY disclose their utility information. I asked if a licensed investigator could get the information – she did not sound hopeful but that does not mean the information cannot be obtained.

    In my case, the lines were going across the street! My neighbors wanted me to know that we had a power surge at the same time – in the middle of the night. How would they know? And how could that be possible when that block’s utilities never surged at the same time as mine. Then they had a huge motor home parked in their driveway for 2 months, which resulted in MY utilities skyrocketing an additional $450+/- in ONE month. This explains why I could never get my monthly bill lower – this set up has been going on for a looooong time.

    In the past I was stuck with an additional $900+/- due to the relocation of the utility pole which PG&E had no record of. Because Public Works and their fake work crew were behind that. Then they had the audacity to tell me that the pole had not been moved – since when did they take over PG&E? Not only have I lived here 55 yrs, there are witnesses to all the poles being relocated/added. The city’s own sewer layout verifies it as well! (Hence, the R.O. against me.)

    The fact that I have names and addresses of others who boast of stealing electricity is of no interest to PG&E – “not their problem.” It does not matter if PG&E’s own employees are involved or lied about the reason for the lines going across the street – too bad.

    Due to the tapped phones, also connected to these utility poles, it was no secret that I first reported this over the telephone last week. By the time I woke up the following morning, the overhead lines that led across the street had been removed. Upon my return from PG&E yesterday, another PG&E truck was at my neighbor’s house – nothing new. Only this time I was being glared at as though I was a criminal.

    If you suspect your power is being tapped and you see excess lines, you are advised to report it IMMEDIATELY and they will come out and look. Otherwise you better have photographs to prove those wires were going across and even then, it is up to YOU to pursue the issue.

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