Truth behind Fresno’s ADA violations EXPOSED!

CLICK: Marla

Despite laws pertaining to obstructions in sidewalks,

the violations continue to escalate. Not one agency

will respond or take responsibility. Instead, public

records have been altered to make it appear that

things were always this way.

More and more wheel chair users are being forced

into the street, yet regardless of pleas for help, the

problem continues to escalate.

Free Image Hosting

Free Image Hosting

Free Image Hosting

“Sidewalks Must Be Accessible, Says 9th Circuit!”

Discrimination against disabled?!? The evidence

of that as well as the City of Fresno’s cover-up has

finally been exposed. This is behind secret

altering of the water system. The City of Fresno

actually committed perjury to cover this up, followed

by death threats if I continue to expose it. See

my page to learn more. CLICK: Marla

For information and/or help with lawsuits:

CLICK HERE: ADA Enforcement

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