Letter sent 9/7/2011 – Fresno, CA (City officials behind atrocities)

City of Fresno behind 50+ yr cover up entailing having residents robbed, killed; properties taken by fraud, rebuilt without permits/inspections on top of secretly-replaced water system. Upon being caught, perjury, Restraining Order, death threats against me for exposing the secret water diversion operation.

50 yrs of Fresno (and beyond) being rebuilt on top of this haphazardly-clamped together trash. City of Fresno even denies their own street widening – such as Olive Ave., historic Tower Dist. As each parcel is rebuilt, property lines changed, Title Companies alter the parcel maps to line up to the new layout. Further being covered up with altered historic aerial views – old books, directories, maps altered; some found in the library – reprints also sold on ebay as “vintage” to make it appear that things have always been this way.

Citywide major building, safety, health and environmental code violations being covered up. ADA violations escalating as streets are widened, poles/lights now setting in the middle of sidewalks. Overhead / underground utility theft.

Reports / evidence behind murders not allowed when linked to this operation – because not only is the City involved (clearing the path so the water scam can continue) the evidence has been altered.

Copy of letter sent 9/7/2011

CLICK ===> Nightmare in Fresno, CA

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