They do NOT KNOW! They cannot SEE!!! (Fresno, CA)


After I  reported what the City of Fresno and their group did to my family and  neighbors in order to carry out the water scam – they immediately reacted with  name-calling, altered records, perjury, sexual harassment and death threats  against me.  Since that time, more attempts on my life while continuing to be  called a “liar.” 

The  only way to cover up the evidence would be to completely repeat the scenario –  major reconstruction (city and private properties) on top of the replaced water  system – this time WITHOUT the clamps or  cross-connections.

Mission  accomplished.  Not only here but across both streets – everything I posted would  have to be rectified in order to continue calling me a “liar.”  And of course so  Mayor Alan Autry (aka: Bubba Skinner) would not be frowned upon for backing up  perjury to deny what took place here, which resulted in more horrors, rape and  hell.


Mayor  Autry backed up the perjury because it involved the 60+ yr secret water scam.   In this case it also involved decades of chemicals/poison of my family and I so  we remained oblivious to the preparations taking place – more so for me as I  endured the additional hell in order to sever all ties prior to my final  departure being planned.  Our properties were being altered; underground  utilities being cross-connected to nearby properties in preparation for a  massive fire. 

If I  was/am a “liar” then why so much time, trouble and money into altering the  evidence?  Who funded all of it this time? 

Can we  set the cross-connected lines and attempted murder of me aside for a  moment?  THAT IS A DIVERSION!!!!  People were MURDERED as this was taking place!

Recap:   The risk analyst was paid to repeatedly lie about the cause of sewage spills on  these properties.  Including the neighbors’ properties WHEN THEY WERE NOT HOME!   She (risk analyst) repeatedly REFUSED to inform / warn these people of the  extreme danger they were in.  (The chemicals kept me obedient to Mr. Swieso, who  instructed me to stop all contract with them.) Upon expressing concern there  would be illness and death the risk analyst responded, “Don’t worry about it.”  As the  infections, amputations, deaths ensued she said, “Not my problem.”  Pleas for  soil testing also refused, “Not my job!”  

By the  time it was over, the properties had been robbed / torn apart / rebuilt with  trash (much smaller), property lines changed, streets widened – I was kept so  far gone with chemicals being administered without my knowledge – not to mention  all the times Mr. Swieso and Mr. Winslow took me out of town so I would not see  what was taking place, surrounded by “planted” neighbors who were rewarded to  participate.  My photos scanned/altered, old documents stolen, public records  altered to match the new layouts.  Poisoned, raped, catheterized during long  durations as major reconstruction took place. In the end, the risk analyst told  me I “imagined” all of this. Going as far as to recruit another risk analyst who  together, committed perjury to call me a “liar” (as Kerry Trost smirked, “You  will never prove it.”)  There are no words to describe what I have been  through. 

For  now, all of that needs to be set aside.  My point is that the operation is not over until each property has been “turned  over.”  These participants merely made it easier – then they were eliminated, so  the deeds could be altered!  The deaths that took  place during all the above were PRE-MEDITATED.  Mr. Swieso zeroed in on  fraudulent legal documents for Rolf’s properties while Mr. Winslow told me 1 yr  in advance EXACTLY how my next-door neighbor would die. (As done with  others.) They used the same risk analyst to target the neighbor on the other  side, who was never seen again – I saw Mr. Swieso forge the wife’s name on an  ins app, “You can’t live for the dead.”  Linked to the unsolved “Polzin” murder  4 doors west when this took place there.  Linked to deceased Don, 1 house north  of that.  That is why reports were not allowed – all these deaths are linked.   And so is the evidence – which is why it was ALL altered / removed / covered  up.  

The  intertwining of crimes is making it too difficult for the participants to  understand that OUR FAMILY MEMBERS WERE MURDERED.  Which is why the continue  to lie and help cover up the evidence of what took place on these properties.   So worried they will be found out for what they did and planned for me – they  refuse to see what was done to the others.  They do not appear capable of  setting the dirt aside to see how they were used in carrying out more than they  planned.  Or how they set their own selves up in the “rotation  system.”

I was employed by Wilbert Swieso MORE THAN ONCE.  So help me God I  saw this same pattern carried out time and again (without the fire portion) –  sewage spills, cover-up, hospitalizations, death upon death as he smirked, “No  one will ever figure it out.”  In the condition I was being kept, I was  oblivious, until after it was too late.  This man forged and altered his victims  insurance papers and legal documents while citing his motto, “You can’t live for  the dead.”  Exactly as done with Rolf’s estate.   Coincidence?  That same  attorney (who closed his office and fled after I reported him) is linked to 2  more estates of people who died across the street, behind this operation. 




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