City of Fresno, CA – Annihilation / Takeovers

Happy and healthy until the sewage spills began.  Risk analyst (Rose Miranda) repeatedly lied about the cause.  With Rolf and I being set up for elimination, she took hundreds of photos of structure / contents for upcoming burglary / reconstruction.  Rolf’s death was horrific. 
Ongoing chemicals, along with repeatedly being taken out of town kept me oblivious to what was taking place on these properties.  The chemicals escalated after Rolf’s death (murder) – I had never been so sick or incapacitated.
Neighbors had been participating in what was being done to my family and our properties.  Once they were no longer needed, they were betrayed and set up as well, using the same technique – the difference is they were not notified.   I told Rose Miranda there would be sickness and death – she responded, “Not my problem.”  Because clearly, that was the goal – she REFUSED to warn them at the same time Wilbert Swieso (former employee with the City of Fresno, with 60 yrs invested into this op) demanded I not speak to them.  With the chemicals being administered, I obeyed, I was his obedient puppet.  More horrific infections, amputations, death ensued.
Neighbor on the other side, owner of the Laundromat, was also set up by the same risk analyst.  Never seen again as the water scam continued.  I saw Wilbert Swieso forge the name of his wife on an insurance application, “You can’t live for the dead.”  Exactly as he did with Rolf’s.  New owner claims to be the son – yet I met the sons, I never saw this man before.  Records show he is the next-door neighbor of Jeffry Winslow (Swieso’s accomplice), who I reported for poisoning me with intent to kill and take the properties by fraud. 
– Jeffry boasted about “getting rid of” his wife # 2.  Handwriting expert verified her signatures on deeds as FORGED, including the house he lives in! 
– Diane became the 7th wife of his long-time friend, also pleading for help claiming poison with intent to kill – dead age 39.
These people are extremely dangerous yet reporting them was treated as the biggest crime of all!   Organized murder – corrupt officials, attorneys, insurance agents, estate planners, bankers, realtors, title companies, more. 
Wilbert Swieso had invested decades into seizing all these properties.  And more.  Clearing the area, surrounding deaths and unsolved murders all linked. Once Rolf was dead, and plotting my final departure, he had the Irrevocable Trust overridden with fraudulent legal documents appointing HIM in charge “if anything happened to me.”  (Using the same [fake?] attorney used in others left dead.)  In addition to Rolf’s 2 properties located on Olive Ave., he would also seize my home next door that was left with a mortgage on it due to trying to save and pay for ongoing major theft and damages on Rolf’s properties as well as Rolf’s medical bills that escalated after the sewage spills began. 
City of Fresno risk analyst knew I was being poisoned out of my mind – telling me I “imagined” all of this – theft / switching of everything from personal items to flooring, appliances, windows/doors – the structures had been rebuilt one portion at a time.  Property lines moved (I was threatened with a lawsuit by the man who took Rolf’s properties by fraud) if I did not comply with the new property line.  Streets widened, utility poles relocated – regardless of countless witnesses, the City of Fresno called me a “liar” and “crazy!”
At one point, after not hearing from me for awhile, Rose Miranda admitted all that took place on these properties.  But explained there was no record for it, nor was the City of Fresno liable because, “The previous owner had it done.”  SHE THOUGHT I WAS DEAD AS ALL THE OTHERS?  I reminded her I was still alive – my family owned these properties for generations!  I demanded to know WHY SHE DID THIS TO US?!?  Up to this point, Rose Miranda demanded I not speak to anyone other than her about what had been taking place.  Now, she said, “I can’t talk to you about this.” 
Of course I was mad – Rolf was murdered, properties torn apart then taken by fraud, with my final departure also underway (repeated attempts, fraudulent legal documents, fraudulent insurance policy on me, illegal distribution of assets) – HOW DARE SHE DO THIS TO US! 
So she recruited Senior Risk Analyst Kerry Trost to join her in using our Justice System for perjury – having a Restraining Order issued against me for “harassment” and called a “danger to ROSE’S life!”  They turned the tables, deeming ME a danger to THEM – as they denied everything that took place here.
I was turned over from Rose Miranda to Kerry Trost.  New rules demanding I was not allowed to contact anyone at the City of Fresno other than Kerry Trost, who smirked, “You will never prove it.” 
Upon providing solid evidence to Mr. Trost he first demanded, “That is YOUR problem, it is YOUR property!”  Upon reminding Mr. Trost I do not own nor maintain the sewer manholes, water meters, etc. IN THE ALLEY (which could not have been relocated without the destruction to connecting properties) he YELLED,  “THIS IS OVER!”  Refusing to speak to me again – the next round took place, to rectify the cross-connected lines.  Reporting Kerry Trost to the City of Fresno while pleading for help resulted in a threatening reminder – I was not allowed to contact the City of Fresno.
No help – no where to turn, I posted a blog.  The City of Fresno was keeping me monitored and responded to it with sexual harassment.
After the 3-yr Restraining Order expired I returned to the City of Fresno with more evidence – more photos, unaltered records, unaltered aerial views and told them there were witnesses.  Risk analyst, Kevin Watkins left me sitting for 20 minutes while he showed others what I presented – “This proves nothing.”  IT PROVED EVERYTHING!  And what about the sexual harassment – he denied it was sent from the City of Fresno, while practically accusing me of sending it to myself!  The ISP verifies it originated from the City of Fresno.
City of Fresno behind annihilation / takeovers.  They merely alter records and aerial views as “proof” nothing changed.  Witnesses are called “liars.”  (60-yr op; old books and directories reprinted.  “Old” maps reprinted and sold on ebay with new layouts. 
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