Diabetic Foot Amputations in Fresno, CA

At first, I did not understand why JCW repeatedly brought up foot amputation.  He seemed to derive great pleasure in naming the LIST of people who had their foot/feet amputated, some of whom died.  Also odd was his prediction made 1 yr in advance, that my neighbor’s foot/feet would be amputated. 
JCW is involved with Fresno, CA’s Dept. of Public Works in a barbaric operation – secret replacement of the city water system.  Because it is being done secretly, there are no permits, inspections or safety precautions being used.  Toxic, infectious, disease-carrying raw sewage is being discharged on private and city property.  The city risk analyst shows up after these events and blatantly lies about the cause. 
Not only was sewage from my sewer vent (2′ from the fence) flooding into my neighbor’s yard, the entire alley was being flooded, which seemed to be coming from several yards at the same time.  It made no sense because according to the risk analyst, the flooding on my property was due to “negligence in sewer maintenance,” which caused property at the lowest point to flood – how could the entire alley be flooded?!?  The risk analyst merely said, “Don’t worry about it.”  It was a nightmare.  Corn cobs and debris were coming up from one sewer vent, while rags from the Laundromat across the alley, were coming up the other one, and more sewage coming up from the shower drain!  I told her that whatever was taking place, all the flooding down the alley was going to result in sickness and death – her response was, “don’t worry about it.”  This was endangering the lives of every person on the block – especially my next-door neighbors, who were not home to see their yard flooded with raw sewage. I told this risk analyst there would be illness and death ~ her response: “Not my problem.” I refused to sign her “release of responsibility.”  In turn, she refused to have the sewage on my property cleaned up.  This went on for 2 days – my belongings sat in raw sewage.  I was a caregiver at the time – this was jeopardizing our lives as well, which left me no choice but to sign her release. 
There were more sewage back spills than the 3 on record.  My handicapped uncle’s hospital visits coincided with these events; his death coincided with the citywide upgrade.  I endured ongoing illnesses, lung/respiratory and excruciatingly-painful foot infections deemed “cellulitis”, which is linked to MRSA and in some cases, deadly.  My neighbor’s health issues began to take a rapid decline.  Not only did he contract hepatitis, just as predicted, his foot became infected and was amputated; he died at age 50.  Thinking back, I recalled hearing about 2 other people who underwent amputation.  Both were diabetics; 1 died. 
In addition to many MDRB’s (multi drug-resistant bacterias) that are waterborne, MRSA breeds in raw sewage.  Deadly pathogens are airborne as well as waterborne. Diabetics are more susceptible to these organisms.  http://www.research.va.gov/news/research_highlights/ulcer-011504.cfm
How did JCW know that my neighbor had diabetes?  Like other neighbors described in my blogs, they had also been recruited – serving as more “credible witnesses” that nothing took place.  From what I understand, they benefitted as well.  Or did they.    
By the time the sewage back spills ended, nothing was standing as it originally was.  The sewer vent, which was 2′ from the fence, is now 10′ from the fence.  My garage is no longer hooked up separately; half of it was cross-connected to the house – I do not know where the other half is connected.  Sewer and water lines were replaced with rotted, corroded lines, now clamped together.  That is what all of this was about – secret replacement of the city water system down the alley followed by altered records to cover up the accompanying unauthorized reconstruction of private properties. Our properties were the last on the block to undergo the major reconstruction, because they were located on Olive Ave., where the tie-ins to the main line were being made as the citywide upgrade took place.  That is why the city equipment remained here for days – same time the ringleader hired me, which left no one home as this was taking place. 
Rather than give any warnings or chance to protect ourselves, the risk analyst blatantly LIED.  She took countless photographs of belongings that were stolen/switched – from built-in cabinets to doors/windows, rain gutters, eaves, toilets, faucets, on and on.  Then she denied taking these pictures and used her “release” as a ticket of non-responsibility. Out of 250+/- photographs, this woman did not have ONE picture of the reason she claimed to be coming out.  Not one picture of either sewer vent or shower drain, where the sewage was coming from.  Not one picture of the damages.  Not one picture of the alley.  We had been lied to and set up.  None of this was authorized, or done with permits and inspections.  No different than other victims of WGS (ringleader), I was stuck paying plumbing bills – even for the city water meter that was replaced/relocated! 
To this day, I am not sure the widow next door ever knew about all the raw sewage that flooded their property.  I consider this nothing less than murder.  As for the City of Fresno, reporting this resulted in having a Restraining Order issued against me – not only called a “liar” about all of the above, I am further prohibited from reporting this to anyone at the City of Fresno other than Kerry Trost, senior risk analyst who committed perjury to discredit the city’s records, which verify exactly what took place.  Providing a copy of the unaltered sewer layout, which verifies exactly what they did, resulted in death threats. 

To learn about Fresno’s secret water diversion operation Click: Marla

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  1. Although there are many, many articles on the subject, the first one pertains to MRSA in sewage; the second one explains how diabetics are more susceptible to MRSA, and subsequent increase in foot amputations.

    ===> MRSA Finally Breaks Through the Thick Skulls

    “MRSA in the community and bacteriophages in sewage. Necrotizing MRSA is in sewage and will become airborne in water drops or on dust. According to insurance research there were over 368,000 hospitalized MRSA patients in 2005. That is almost 4 times what was reported in the study.” [con’t] “Antibiotic resistant genes are being tranfered between bacteria in sewage treatment plants and released into the environment in sewage effluent, reclaimed water and sludge biosolids.”

    ===> Podiatry Today

    MRSA: Where Do We Go From Here?
    – By David G. Armstrong, DPM, MSc, PhD

    “When it comes to diabetic foot infections, the presence of MRSA may lead to poorer outcomes, an increased risk of amputations, higher treatment costs and increased mortality.”

  2. Hi Admin..

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  3. “A problem that seems minor for many people, like a fungal infection or sores on the feet, can become catastrophic in someone with diabetes or other circulatory problems,” says Jonathan Wilkin, M.D., former director of the FDA’s Division of Dermatologic and Dental Drug Products. Diabetes is the leading cause of non-traumatic foot amputations each year.”

    CLick: Diabetes and the Feet


    Legal case regarding a foot and subsequent leg amputation of sewage worker, where work boots are mandatory. He was a type 2 diabetic who had an open wound on his toe. His shoes did not prevent his feet from exposure of surrounding conditions. The debate was over the choice of shoes he wore.

    CLick: The Appeal Commission

    In the case of my neighbor who had diabetes, the sewage spills were deliberate as the risk analyst lied about the cause, followed by altered public records to cover up the evidence. My neighbor was not home when their yard was flooded in raw sewage time and again. When I requested that my neighbors be informed of the dangers, the risk analyst refused ~ saying, “Not my problem.” My neighbor’s hepatitis and foot amputation followed. With the concurrent hospitalization and death of my handicapped uncle as this went on, the widow has a sure-win case. Unfortunately, she refuses to pursue this, which will allow it to continue happening to others.

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