Fresno’s Overhead & Underground Utility Theft

Behind 50-yr water scam – city(s) rebuilt on top of secretly-replaced water system.

Wilbert Swieso, self-proclaimed mastermind with 50 yrs into this, using a fake work crew. Properties left setting on top of haphazardly-clamped sewer/water lines. Removing various water shut-off valves as water lines cross-connected into neighbor’s property(s). Until recently, Fresno residents had a flat rate for water consumption so it did not matter how much usage.

PG&E’s equipment relocated/reconnected without authorization – cross connecting wires/cables to neighbors. More altered records to cover up the evidence.

Like sharing utilities in an apartment complex, except the person paying for all of this has no idea! For information, diagrams, etc.:

CLICK ===> Fresno’s Overhead & Underground Utility Theft

(Above link goes to blog on my FaceBook account under the name, “Marla Lee”)

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  1. CLICK ===> Gas, Water, Utility Theft – RAMPANT!

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