Fresno’s Public Works: Endangering the Public

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Fresno, CA

Raw sewage is deadly. Public Works is deliberately discharging raw sewage on private property, lying about the cause, then insisting that property owners sign a “release for clean-up.” That release is then used as their ticket of non-responsibility for the ensuing damages, code violations, illnesses and deaths that follow. They have public records altered to cover up their 50+ yr water scam then deny all knowledge / responsibility.  Outsiders are “planted” and rewarded to participate – then deny all.  These participants intertwine and relocate as the operation continues – leaving a trail of unsolved murders, suspected homicides, ongoing deaths, real estate theft, insurance fraud and more.  All reports / evidence are prohibited from being documented by the City of Fresno as the annihilations and takeover continue. 

Look who is deliberately discharging sewage – mastermind boasts, “No one will ever figure it out.”

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When done to Rolf and me, the risk analyst was paid to lie about the cause – setting us up for elimination.  Her response to my concerns of probable illnesses and deaths due to flooding of sewage down alley and into back yards, “Don’t worry about it.”

Upon reports of ensuing hepatitis, cellulitis, staph, pseudomonas, respiratory and deaths, “Not my problem.”

Upon requesting the soil to be tested, “Not my job.”

Deadly situation is taking place behind closed doors.  In addition to the immediate health crisis, the public needs to be aware that children are playing in toxic soil; we are all breathing sewage pollution.

CLICK:  Asthma / Heart Disease
CLICK:  Asthma / Raw Sewage

It was not intended I would survive this nightmare – Mayor Alan Autry used the same risk analyst to commit perjury to deny what they did, followed by sexual harassment and death threats against me. 

CLICK:  Fresno, CA – Tower District Murder Cover-Ups



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