Beware of Various Local Home Health Agency(s)

Fresno, CA

By now I had hoped to divulge the names of various home health personnel who are linked to WGS, ringleader behind the secret altering of the city water system. They are dishonest; they are dangerous.

Preying on the elderly is WGS’s specialty. This is the insurance agent / estate planner / broker-dealer / Long Term Care broker / realtor whose offers of “help with home repairs” inevitably result in sewage back spills. Illness and death follow – he is often seen forging and altering his victims legal documents and insurance papers while citing his motto: “You can’t live for the dead. “How is that for one of Fresno’s upstanding estate planners and members of the financial community.

WGS is linked to various home health personnel. What better opportunity to refer his trusting clients. Once in the home they can switch medications (as it appears was being done to my handicapped uncle.) How quickly the elderly are called “crazy” when they report their belongings being stolen or switched with inferior or broken look-alikes. Photos scanned/altered as though nothing changed – including the major alterations taking place under the guise of “help” or when the victim is hospitalized, leaving no one home. After their death, no one suspects that anything was ever touched.

Bonus: Did you know that when a person receives home health care, an autopsy can be refused? Poisoning could not be easier.

Throughout the ongoing horrors, I believed and trusted in the home health personnel (as we should all be able to do.) But how was it possible that even though my handicapped uncle was not entitled to the ongoing “help” and benefits, the services continued. Home Health is strictly designed for TEMPORARY help. How was he receiving so many benefits for YEARS!?! They said it could be done when the patient was as special as my handicapped uncle. To this day, I am not sure these people were legitimate or even licensed. My uncle’s death was timed to the citywide upgrade, which is when WGS took over. My uncle had to die in order for WGS to have the fraudulent legal documents prepared, overriding an Irrevocable Trust, appointing WGS “Successor Trustee” of my uncle’s estate properties. With my final departure also being planned, WGS enrolled me in a fraudulent insurance policy appointing himself, “Beneficiary!”

With chemicals continuing to be administered to me without my knowledge, and so sure I would not be alive to expose this nightmare, my uncle’s estate properties as well as my home had been completely rebuilt without authorization, permits or inspections, on top of the City of Fresno’s secretly-replaced water system. All our assets were distributed.

He then had one of the newly-clamped water lines loosened to create a mold situation. Conspired with the property insurance agent at DiBuduo & DeFendis Insurance Agency in cancellation / non-renewal of coverage. The “planted” tenant was going to sue and own all.

The criminal networking behind the secret altering of Fresno’s sewer, water and power infrastructures is endless. You can thank Mayor Alan Autry for preventing his friend, WGS, from being stopped or held accountable as others learn how easy it is to annihilate and take what others worked lifetimes for. It seems that as long as the crimes are linked to “clearing the path” for Public Works – reporting the atrocities is the biggest crime of all.


Title Company Fraud / Corruption – Fresno, CA

With no permits or inspections on record for the altering / re-construction taking place throughout Fresno, CA as the city water system is being secretly altered, in addition to disclosure laws being disregarded, patched, damaged and re-built structures continue being sold as “original” to unsuspecting buyers.  This is where the altered plat/parcel maps are taking place.  New deeds cover up the illegal altering/re-construction as well as changes to property lines.  Any questions or requests for early parcel information results in being told that the information is “no longer available.”  Hence, no older records of Fresno.  
The image below is merely an example of what has been taking place over the past 50+/- yrs – removal of various structures with others shifted down in a “ripple effect.”  Blocks are smaller as a result of the street widening.  This is just to give an idea – not to scale.
This of course, also explains the clamped sewer and water lines on all parcels, which the City of Fresno holds property owners liable to maintain.  Carried out by the City’s fake work crew, which is how the City avoids being held responsible for the massive health, building, environmental and safety code violations as all of this is done without permits, inspections or safety precautions. 
Below is an actual copy of an unaltered sewer layout.  Olive Ave., Tower Dist.  Despite witnesses and old photographs, the City of Fresno has the audacity to deny that this street was widened.  Because it entailed massive damages / reconstruction.  By using a fake work crew, followed by altered pacel maps and aerial views, the City denies all knowledge and/or responsibility for the damages, code violations, health crises, and even death.  Reports are refused.
No longer lines up to plat map

No longer lines up to plat map

Beware.  When buying property in Fresno, you should know about the dangers of these clamped lines.  Public Works and their fake work crew taught me the technique of loosening them before covering them with new cement, at the same time conspiring in cancellation of property insurance.  Once the mold takes over, you can lose everything.   Tenants conspire in such acts to file mold lawsuits, insurance claims and from what I understand, sometimes end up owning the property.  Sadly, all of this is linked to the water diversion operation.
Forgeries and illegally altered legal documents are knowingly being recorded – fraudulent financing information as well.  With so much fraud and corruption taking place, buying real estate in Fresno can be extremely dangerous and in some cases, worse.  Be very careful.  If possible, do the property background research yourself – verify all signatures and make sure the Trusts are legitimate.  Yes, these are things that title companies are paid to do, however, that is not always the way things are being done here in Fresno.   

To victims of David A. Silva, atty

Perhaps if this man’s actions had been looked into, he would not have been allowed to abandon and destroy more lives.
David A. Silva, atty, was reported to the CA State BAR Assn. in 2004, for corruption, specifically, conspiring with Wilbert G. Swieso, CLU, ChFC in preparation of fraudulent legal documents.  After repeatedly verifying that ties to my siblings had been severed, the documents appointing Mr. Swieso, “Successor Trustee” of my family’s properties were prepared – despite an Irrevocable Trust!  Mr. Swieso would fill that role if “something happened to me.”   Such as me being deemed “crazy” and/or “dead.”  As long as the chemicals continued being administered to me without my knowledge or consent, exploiting me for being “crazy” was being carried out beautifully over the years.  Unbeknownst to me, preparations for my final departure were also underway.  Click below – learn about the fraudulent insurance policy that covered “mental illness” – appointing Mr. Swieso, beneficiary – no one would have ever known the truth: 
Mr. Silva and Mr. Swieso were sharing clients back and forth “for all their estate planning needs.”  Behind Mr. Swieso’s facade is an operation that entails vacating private property in order to alter the sewer/water lines.  Trail of ID theft, forged documents, illegal conversion of assets speaks for itself. 
It was in 2004 that I finally got to the bottom of what had been done to my family members, our properties, belongings and me in order to pull this off.  Coincidence or not – wasn’t it also 2004 that Mr. Silva secretly closed up his office and absconded with clients’ money and files – never to be seen again?  Prior to that he knew I had uncovered Winslow’s fraudulent/forged legal documents – he seemed scared.  Did he panic when I later uncovered the bigger picture behind those documents?  Felony altering of the city’s sewer, water, and power systems, entailing massive destruction and horrors.  Or did “something happen to him.”  (As angry as I am over what he did to me, I am genuinely concerned about this man’s well being – he has a family that needs him.)
It was not expected I would survive this nightmare.  My family’s properties had been torn apart and haphazardly patched back together; assets distributed; all ties severed.  Unfortunately, my survival has not been the “blessing” it first appeared to be.  My reports are not wanted and in most cases, not allowed.  Uncovering one of the biggest and most corrupt operations in the history of CA, has resulted in being sabotaged and discredited with every attempt to seek help or report this.  My reports seem to backfire, making ME the criminal or the one in the wrong.  Regardless that Mr. Silva’s actions were linked to horrible crimes committed to my family members and me, including the loss of our properties, reporting Mr. Silva was of no use.  He was pardoned – the CA State BAR Assn. merely deemed his actions, “an accident – no harm done.”  A licensed attorney, and a licensed estate planner (40 yrs in business) did not know the definition of “Irrevocable Trust?!?”  BOTH of them giving me wrongful bookkeeping instructions?!?  Further correspondence was not even acknowledged.  Mr. Silva was free to continue.
My neighbor on the east was targeted by Mr. Swieso as well.  Property dismantled and patched back together after sewer/water lines replaced in alley.  This neighbor was never seen again – new deed looks forged; new owner is next door to Mr. Winslow (linked to verified forgeries and possible “missing” person/s.)  Reporting Mr. Winslow’s forgeries, evidence of bank fraud and more – disregarded.  Click here ===> 
Neighbor across the street to the west was targeted in 1994, surrounded by same neighbors as my family and I were as the same sewer/water line alterations and reconstruction/altering of property took place.  William (“Bill”) Wyatt Polizn – unsolved murder.  Another amazing coincidence is that Mr. Silva was the attorney who handled Mr. Polzin’s estate.  Public records also show Mr. Silva was the attorney who handled the estate of a mother of another deceased man across the street.  Although that does not implicate Mr. Silva in wrongdoing, I found it odd that Mr. Silva was not even listed in directories.  Who refers him to such clients?   Click here ===> 
Same group (“auction” people) behind Bill Polzin’s deceased mother’s estate, several years later.  Including those who refer to themselves as, “people watchers” (linked to the illegally altered/relocated utility poles) – trail of ID theft, “missing persons”, illegal conversion of assets.  (No old documents or photographs left behind.)  Same people linked to what was done to my family, our properties, belongings and me. 
Mr. Silva should have been stopped.  He should have been investigated.  I am still interested in having a signature comparison of Mr. Silva’s – PRIOR TO 1989, for reasons not mentioned here.  Perhaps Mr. Swieso would be kind enough to help us with that?  After he helps out with the signatures on deeds to my neighbor’s property – including the earlier signatures that do not line up, during/near the time he was linked and/or the insurance agent!