Fraud: Leila Bronson’s Tax Service (Fresno, CA)

My “friend” from high school. When she opened her business, I became her client.  So did my brother. All appeared legitimate – her garage had been turned into an office; she had office equipment, stationery, and a sign hanging outside with her name on it.  She was so proud about how far she had come; she kept busy with quite a clientele.

During the time I was a caregiver for family, my “friend” knew of my financial problems and insisted she could help.  Claiming that only “special” bookkeepers knew of this, first she instructed me to put myself on a payroll.  Later, she personally took me to file papers in order to collect unemployment.  She wanted it kept secret so others did not find out about this option.  Behind my back, she exploited me as a criminal because it appears that I was not entitled to collect such benefits. 

My “friend” retired at 50 yrs of age.  Owner of 2 homes, a motor home and travel trailer.  Claiming to be worth million$ due to “wise investing.” She compared herself to Al Capone, saying that “no one would ever catch her.”

Something kept nagging at me about this “friend” so I finally decided to do some research. 

Upon asking her about her bookkeeping service, which there was no record of, she said it was her roommate’s bookkeeping service!  (Her roommate had just died.)  Her roommate, a full-time employee of the County, had a bookkeeping service named, “Leila Bronson’s Tax Service?!?”      

Last time we spoke, she claimed to be interested in “helping” hospice patients.  She also claims to have 40 yrs experience as a metaphysician!    

“Leila Bronson is a Metaphysician, Channeler, Reader, Teacher and Healer with crystals, touch and color.  Over the past 40 years she has studied all aspects of metaphysics with the help of her spirit guide, Mathew.  She acts as a channel for St. Germaine and Chief Joseph.  This coming Sunday, she will channel St. Germaine.

She has dedicated her life to facilitating and assisting with the ascension of this planet in these times of change and transitional energy.  She was recently guided to this area to work with the recent Vortexes opening up here as the Goddess energy returns.”

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Leila Bronson

Leila Bronson