Autry’s Atrocities: One need not be suicidal to commit suicide

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While the public was being convinced of a water shortage, various property owners were being annihilated in order to seize control of their property to secretly replace the water system on their property. Major reconstruction; altered property lines. Public records were then altered to deceive the public – making it appear no changes took place.

Trail of burglaries, ID theft, altered and forged legal documents, suspected homicides, unsolved murders being covered up.

According to Kerry Trost, Sr. Risk Analyst, it was Alan Autry who instructed him to have a Restraining Order issued against me – after the annihilation of my family and neighbors. I was robbed, raped, poisoned, filmed with hidden cameras, fraudulent legal documents, properties torn apart and rebuilt on top of corroded, clamped sewer and water lines, told I would be meeting the others, “in another world.” Mr. Trost committed perjury to call me a “liar” as he prohibited reports about the destruction of our properties to replace the CITY’S water system. I was prohibited from reporting this to anyone else at the City of Fresno. Death threats followed if I continue to expose the operation.

As if I paid to have our properties torn apart and rebuilt without permits or inspections, on top of THIS!?! As done to my neighbors who were also lied to, set up before their suspected homicides and unsolved murder/s? Where are the permits or inspections? This trash is connected to the city’s secret replacement of the water system – same thing done throughout the entire city!

Check this out – some of the fraud and horrors behind the widening of Olive Ave. – including what was done to my family and neighbors to pull it off without leaving witnesses or complaints:

CLICK: The widening of Fresno’s Olive Ave.

Calling me a “liar” was an invitation for more burglary; more vandalism; more horrors. There are no consequences when linked to the secret water diversion project.

Parcel maps were altered to cover up the evidence of what took place but not the sewer layout, which verifies exactly what I reported – including the widening of Olive Ave., which could NOT have been possible without the destruction to store-front properties, as done to ours. Most people in Fresno will also verify that Olive Ave. was widened. That is when the middle lane appeared.

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Neighbors also verify that all the utility poles on the block have been relocated / adding more poles, which the City of Fresno and their group (including same risk analyst who lied and set us up for annihilation) also denies. (I have their names – they tried to swindle me of $2,000 to reconnect the utility lines to my family’s properties! Upon mentioning PG&E, they reconnected, which cost me an additional $900+/- on my bill that month!)

Run off our income properties, left unemployed, in a home that is now a shambles, pinned into a corner in fear for my life – there is no way out. I am kept monitored (stalked) and sabotaged, discredited.

Without making assumptions or reporting me as being suicidal, I want to make something clear ….. one does not have to be suicidal to commit suicide. To begin with, suicidal people do not fight to stay alive. The truth, however, is that this is a losing battle. There is no way out – just as I was told long ago. Once targeted by this mob, it is over before it begins. The preparations, cover-up, as well as the trail verify that targeted victims do not survive. (I was employed by the ringleader – I saw the pattern carried out with many others, but never realized the truth until it came my turn.)

As I continue my losing battle, it is time that the public learns the truth about Alan Autry as well as what is taking place throughout the central valley. Secret water diversion. The evidence is beneath all the reconstruction, new streets and sidewalks, as described on my page. ===> CLICK: Marla

Meet some of the fine folks behind Autry’s Atrocities then ask yourself why such crimes would be allowed to continue. (Hint: These are the people who are protected – because they are needed in order to continue “clearing the path” so the altering of private properties can continue without leaving complaints or witnesses.)

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She has endured 15 yrs without closure so far (Fresno, CA)

She would not remember me.  It was in late 1993 when I saw her shopping with her father one day; the store was located off of Blackstone past Herndon.  She had blonde hair like her dad’s – she was happy as she swung a bag of clothes they just purchased.

Shortly after that (1994), with no warning or clue, her father was shot/killed as he stepped outside his home one morning.  He had no enemies – he was a good, hard-working, well-liked man.  Neighbors said they saw nothing.  No clues; no motive; no robbery.  Naturally, the family was devastated – rewards for information were offered.  Still, no clues.  

His name was William Wyatt Polzin, he was 47 yrs old.  He was loved and needed.     

I lived across the street from Bill.  Prior to his murder, I recall Bill’s next-door-neighbors carrying out major alterations to the property they were renting.  Tall plants (palms) covered the side of their yard, which prevented most people from seeing what was taking place. Immediately after Bill’s murder, not only was the brick fence that separated these 2 properties removed, major construction began on Bill’s house.  Large pipes had been installed down the new property line.  The side walk was torn up, where these pipes were laid, leading beneath the tree planter on Olive Ave. where the tie-ins to the main line were made.  At the time it never occurred to me that this was all being done in secret ~ unauthorized ~ without permits or inspections ~ absolutely no record of any of this taking place!      

Why would Bill’s next-door-neighbors claim no knowledge of any of this taking place.  Why would they deny the major reconstruction to Bill’s home as well as theirs.  Why would they lie about the street widening, altering of property lines, relocation of the fire hydrant, storm drain, street lights, utility poles, etc. The same reason they lied when it was done to my family’s 3 properties across the street where suspected homicide took place in order to carry this out.  Just like Bill’s property, there was no record of anything.  Instead, parcel maps were altered to make it appear that nothing took place.  And then it was done to my next-door-neighbor’s property.  As done to me, he was also  lied to and set up by the City of Fresno’s risk analyst for what was coming.  More suspected homicide, followed by reconstruction without permits or inspections, followed by altered parcel maps and what appears to be another forged deed to the property.  There is a trail of this.  With the City of Fresno using altered records and “planted” neighbors as “evidence” that none of this took place.  (Their own sewer layout verifies EXACTLY what was done.)


The attorney for Bill’s estate was David A. Silva; same attorney who conspired with the ringleader behind all of this, in the preparation of fraudulent legal documents for my family’s properties.  He was also the attorney for the mother of another deceased man across the street.  Upon reporting Mr. Silva, he secretly closed his office, never to be seen again.  Since disbarred.

No longer lines up to plat map

No longer lines up to plat map



Bill’s mother died 3 yrs ago, never knowing why her son was taken from her.  The auction people for her estate are linked to the neighbors who claimed that none of the above alterations took place.  One claims to be a member of the Aryan Brotherhood, boasting of robbing and killing.  This was near the time he carried out his specialty on my house (the last remaining property) and left me with a medical book, which he said I would soon be needing.  All of these people intertwine and are linked to the ringleader – former employee of the City of Fresno / head of the City’s fake work crew.  Never expecting me to get away before he finished me off, he told me this is the continuation of Bonadelle’s “secret water operation” which he has personally invested 50 yrs.  He even took me for a tour, showing me where the water was going to be diverted for upcoming development.  Laughing at how gullible people of Fresno are to believe anything they are told; further saying that no one would ever figure out how water laws and regulations were bypassed. 

The facts surrounding Bill’s death are not allowed, wanted or tolerated by the City or County of Fresno, CA.  No doubt they fear that it would result in exposing their secret operation, which has entailed turning the entire city inside out to completely replace overhead and underground utilities, but neither do they appear willing to compromise.  Their anger that I survived their barbaric operation and connected the dots resulted in lies, threats, Restraining Order followed by death threats and ongoing horrors.  They and/or their group are not done with me; it is not over until a new deed with revised measurements has been recorded to cover up what they are doing.  Therefore, the horrors have never ended – they will never end until I have been eliminated and join the others “in another world.”  So I am leaving this information here for Bill’s daughter with my deepest sympathy.  I know the hell of being forced to live without closure after such a tragedy.   Bill was a wonderful man.  His love and pride for his daughter was shining bright when I saw them that day back in 1993. May God bless her always.



More re: Bill Polzin’s Unsolved Murder Cover-Up

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Late one evening in 1994, William (”Bill”) Wyatt Polzin stepped outside and was murdered – shot in cold blood. Only 47 yrs old, with 1 daughter. His next-door-neighbors claimed not to know or see anything. With no clues, hints or motive, the murder has remained unsolved. I believe this blog contains the clues, hints and motive behind this tragedy.

Bill’s property was located on Olive Ave., next door to the corner parcel, where the occupants replaced the shrubs with tall plants that blocked the view to alterations taking place i.e., sewer and water lines as well as structural alterations – no permits or inspections.

Immediately after Bill’s murder, major reconstruction to his property ensued. Including the sewer and water lines, which were tied into his next-door-neighbors, down the new (revised) property line and under the cement, into the street beneath the tree planter. By the time the major construction was completed, the street in front of Bill’s properpty had been widened – as done down Olive Ave. for the past several decades as this was taking place, 1 block at a time. Bill’s house had been expanded ~ his neighbor’s property had also been expanded ~ the one on the other side removed. There was no reason to suspect any of this was being done in secret or without permits or inspections. With altered plat and parcel maps to make it appear that things were always this way, no one said or questioned anything.

My family’s 2 income properties were also located on Olive Ave., one block east of Bill’s property. We, too, had been targeted for annihilation / elimination. After all, in order to carry out the secret altering of city sewer and water lines, which tie into the main line on Olive Ave. as well as widen the streets, relocate storm drains, fire hydrants and utility poles without any witnesses or complaints, street-lined properties must first be vacated and prepared – as well as “planted” with participants – an operation that started many years ago.
CLICK: End of Business in Tower Dist – a clue?

By the time it was over for us, I was reporting suspected homicide of my family members (seen – unable to comprehend until getting away and unknown chemicals out of my system.) Widening of Olive Ave. as well as the residential street. What a shock to be told I “imagined” all of this – the City of Fresno had the audacity to DENY all of this – including widening of the streets! There are countless witnesses to Olive Ave. being widened. As for the residential streets on each side of Bill’s property – below is a comparison. Prior to this they were the same measurements!

<a href=
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Our properties had undergone major reconstruction, loosening of water lines to create a horrific / uncontrollable mold problem at the same time Wilbert G. Swieso, CLU, ChFC conspired with the property insurance agent (Ronald Lamm of DiBubuo & DeFendis Ins.) in cancellation of coverage. We lost our 2 properties on Olive Ave. – with more fraud (not mentioned here.) Burglaries, fraudulent legal documents appointing the ringleader (Wilbert G. Swieso, former employee of the City of Fresno) “Successor Trustee” despite an Irrevocable Trust, fraudulent life insurance policy on me, robbed, raped, catheterized during long durations as reconstruction continued, pets killed and/or harmed, repeated exposure to infectious disease-carrying raw sewage, attempted murder – even told by Mr. Swieso’s accomplice (Jeffry C. Winslow) I was about to meet the others, “in another world.” Instead of help, I was called a “liar” and “crazy.” Told by Kerry Trost, senior risk analyst for the City of Fresno that since no one else in the area saw any of this take place, it did not happen. He was using the participants as “credible witnesses” – which is why reporting the crimes linked to his participants was not allowed!

After Bill’s murder, his former neighbors rotated/occupied 2 other homes, right around the corner facing my home, which had been stripped and left a mold-contaminated, termite-infested shell. Everything had been switched, down to windows, doors, rain gutters, toilets, fireplace flue, eaves, flooring, etc. Why did they say that none of this took place when in fact, they could not have missed it. The same reason they claimed not to have seen anything like this take place on Bill’s property – or the corner property they had been renting at the time. These so-called “credible witnesses” were carrying out more sewer and water line alterations on more parcels. So were several other neighbors! Another home had been removed as others on the block were systematically expanded and/or shifted down in a “ripple effect.” Altered plat and parcel maps followed. OF COURSE THEY SAID THEY SAW NOTHING!

With these neighbors, in addition to the “planted” tenants renting my family’s properties claiming that none of this took place, I continued being called ”crazy” and ”liar.” With my photographs either stolen or scanned and altered, old documents stolen, it would appear to most people that I truly was out of my mind. On record are countless reports stating that the sewer vent in my yard had been relocated as well as the sewer manholes in the alley relocated yet with no record or photographs as proof, no one would listen to me. No longer being poisoned, I could also see that all the property lines on the block had been changed. Having lived here my entire life I was more than just a little familiar with the layout, but what good was that, with no evidence – I continued being called “crazy” and “liar.”

The last thing anyone expected was for me to pick up a copy of the sewer layout. It verified EXACTLY what I had been saying. It verified that this was indeed behind the massive damages and loss of our properties, the street widening, the altering of parcel maps.

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Aerial views from Fresno Flood Control also verified the unauthorized alterations.

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All the property lines had been changed over the course of many years. Exactly as I had been saying.

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And just as I said ~ the sewer vent in my yard was no longer 2′ from the fence. It is now 10′ from the fence! That could not have been done without the massive destruction I reported from the beginning. Including the murders of my family and neighbors as well as poisoning and attempted murder of me!

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Look how they left the sewer and water lines ~ total trash, ready to break. My property insurance was sabotaged, I am prohibited from filing a claim for any of this!

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Look what they did to me. Aside from annihilating my family, taking our income properties by fraud and stealing everything I owned, look at the shambles my home was left in. Keep in mind how my property insurance was sabotaged. Until this, my home was in excellent condition and I owed nothing on it. I now have a mortgage in the amount of more than my home is worth. Left unemployed, living in terror as the death threats and horrors continue. Pinned into a corner with no way out. CLICK: My home to be burned down next?

With no help from Public Works, who conspired with Swieso in carrying this out, I pled for help from Mayor Alan Autry. By this point the risk analyst apparently thought I was dead too (as planned and attempted) – she admitted all of this took place but explained the City was not liable because “the previous owner had it done.” MY FAMILY OWNED THESE PROPERTIES FOR GENERTATIONS! Did she not recognize me?!? How dare she lie to me about this – I demanded an explanation!!!! Knowing she had been caught, after all the instructions that I was not to speak to anyone but HER about what was taking place she said, “I can’t talk to you about this.” I was reeling – Rolf was left dead, our properties torn apart, 2 of them taken by fraud – how could these people get by with this?!? Going to help from Mayor Alan Autry was my next mistake.

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Fresno, CA Mayor Alan Autry 2000-2008
aka: Bubba Skinner “Heat of the Night” 1988-1995

Alan Autry instructed this risk analyst, along with senior risk analyst, Kerry Trost to use our Justice System to commit perjury – deny what took place as well as have a Restraining Order issued against me ~ turning the tables and not only calling me a “liar” but deeming ME a “danger” to THEM! Because I accidentally survived and I wanted answers for what they did to us. I needed help, restitution – but that was not allowed. They lied, they discredited their own records, which verify exactly what took place! Further prohibiting me from reporting this to anyone at the City of Fresno other than Kerry Trost, the senior risk analyst who committed perjury to keep this covered up. Passed from one to the next as the horrors continued. CLICK: Shhh … it’s a Secret

My neighbor directly to the east of me (Olive Ave.) had also been targeted. The same risk analyst, with the same lies about the cause behind repeated sewage back spills. My neighbor was never seen again – his property was stripped and haphazardly rebuilt on top of replaced water lines, which the City of Fresno deny. Signature on new deed to my neighbor’s property looks like another forgery. Address of new owner is next door to another person behind this nightmare – Swieso’s partner, JCW, who I reported for poisoning me with intent to kill. CLICK: From Rags to Riches in Fresno

The neighbor directly to the north of me had also been targeted. No longer needed after his participation, the risk analyst set him up – having his property deluged in sewage when no one was home, refusing to tell or warn them. Upon being told there would be more illness and death, she merely said, “Not my problem.” Hepatitis then foot amputation. Dead, age 49.

Neighbor in the next house – their property also deluged in sewage without their knowledge. Both feet then legs amputated.

Despite all the illness, infections, hepatitis, amputation and tragedy – the risk analyst refused to test the soil, citing, “not my job.” She lied about the countless photographs taken prior to theft and reconstruction. She lied about cause behind the sewage spills. She lied about the street widening, and utility pole relocation. Lie upon lie upon lie. Was THAT “her job?!?”

I was a caregiver to my handicapped uncle as this was going on. He never stood a chance either. Records show his hospitalization coinciding with sewage back spills; his death coincided with the citywide upgrade. That is when Mr. Swieso hired me to work for him, which left no one home as the major alterations were taking place. He built a fence for me – that kept me from seeing what was taking place in the alley or on our properties next door. He took me out of town for 10 days and several out-of-town trips as this continued.

All I can do is look back. I now realize that this is behind the decades of sewage back spills and forged documents that follow his offers to insurance clients of “help with home repairs.” The first forged deeds I uncovered were verified by an expert handwriting analyst. Clearly, this is his ”secret sideline.” The one he often referred to as linked to breaking water laws in order to re-direct the water supply. CLICK: Corrupt Estate Planner

Upon later researching David A. Silva, the attorney who conspired with Mr. Swieso in preparation of the fraudulent legal documents for my family’s properties, I was shocked to learn that he handled Bill Polzin’s estate. He also handled the estate of the deceased mother of another deceased man across the street – linked to Bill Polzin’s next door neighbors, further linked to what was done to my family, our properties, belongings and me. Imagine that – an attorney who was not even listed in phone directories. And an intertwining of people who come FULL CIRCLE.

Mr. Silva and Mr. Swieso were quite a team – with their offices next door to one another, they attended estate planning meetings, soliciting their services, sharing elderly clients back and forth “for all their estate planning needs.” Coincidence or not, it was when I began to uncover the sewer and water line operation that Mr. Silva secretly packed up his office – absconding with his clients’ money and files, never to be seen again. He has since been disbarred. Mr. Swieso has never been investigated. CLICK: To Victims of David A. Silva

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Bill Polzin’s mother died 2 yrs ago – the “auction people” who handled her estate were the same ones linked to another former neighbor across the street, linked to the other neighbors who claim not to have seen any of this take place – with a trail of other addresses where more sewer and water line alterations took place, no permits or inspections. The ”auction person’s” helper, a self-proclaimed member of the Aryan Brotherhood, carried on and on about robbing and murdering people, even offering to murder anyone I wanted him to. He also carried on about Bill Polzin’s death while helping to go through his deceased mother’s estate – smirking that no one ever figured it out.

It was then that I finally added 1 + 1. Everything I had been saying about my family’s properties, including so many of the people involved, were the same as the Polzin tragedy. All of this took place behind the water scam. The motive and evidence have continued to remain covered up by the very people who have gotten by with discrediting me from the beginning. They have continued to discredit my ongoing reports – THEY are treated as the “credible” witnesses as I continue being called “liar” and “crazy.” More shocking is that the City of Fresno, an agency that residents should be able to trust and believe in, would participate and/or cover up such horrors, murder and mayhem. CLICK: City of Fresno using “planted” witnesses for cover-up

According to Swieso, this is the continuation of Bonadelle’s “secret water operation.” (CLICK: Leading Developer Indicted) Behind upcoming water diversion ~ massive development plans beyond Friant/Madera, casinos, gambling communities, etc. Swieso took me on a tour, including the vacant lots he owns at Sky Harbour, describing the floor plan of where his “dream home” would finally be built, carrying on that no one would ever figure out how the water was redirected. (Claiming to have tied into the current water scam.)

The criminals are protected because they are among the City’s fake work crew ~ they “clear the path” so this barbaric operation can continue. To expose or document what they are doing would result in exposing the story of the century. That is why William Polzin’s murder has remained “unsolved.” The truth is the last thing allowed.

Stonehenge Antiques – 1994 unsolved Polzin murder cover-up

FRESNO, CA   STONEHENGE ANTIQUES – Olive, between Vagedes and Arthur (2 blks east of Fruit Ave.) William “Bill” Wyman Polzin – 1994 unsolved murder / shot to death when he stepped outside one morning.

Born 06-30-46 
Died 02-16-94 
Only 47 years old; 1 daughter
At the time of Bill’s murder, alterations to the structure as well as sewer and water lines (without permits or inspections) were taking place next door to him.  Immediately after Bill’s death, his property underwent major reconstruction, including sewer and water lines, all tied together with the neighbors’ lines. So to begin with, Bill’s murder appears to be another tragedy linked to the secret replacement of the city water system. For years I have been reporting a trail of similar atrocities that follow this operation.  It was after figuring out the pattern and uncovering a few more clues that led me back to Bill’s murder.    
The attorney who handled Bill’s estate (not listed in directories) was David A. Silva.  Mr. Silva was/is one of the partners of WGS, who is the self-proclaimed mastermind behind the felony alterations.  WGS is not only a former employee of the City of Fresno, he conspires with various city employees in overriding the planning department and altering records to cover up the evidence of what is taking place. 
Mr. Silva and WGS were later caught conspiring in the preparation of fraudulent legal documents for my family’s 2 properties, located 1 blk east of Bill’s property.  By the time it was over, not only had we lost our 2 income properties as a result of the horrific damages caused from the felony replacement of the water system, I was reporting suspected homicide of my family members, poisoning, attempted murder of me, burglary, VIN altering, and more.  I am still reporting it. 
The city risk analyst not only lied about the cause behind sewage back spills, she conspired with WGS in setting my family and me up for total annihilation.  Upon reporting Mr. Silva for his role in the fraud, he abandoned his office – taking clients’ money and files, never to be seen again.
Unable to understand why no one else complained about the massive damages that had taken place down the entire street, I looked in public records.  There I discovered a distinct rotation pattern among people linked to WGS.  They include neighbors and former tenants, who had caused so much hell and filed fraudulent lawsuits against me.  Clearly, Bill Polzin was surrounded no less than my family and I had been when targeted.  The links (entailing much more, upon request) speak for themselves.
My neighbor’s Laundromat across the alley from me was also targeted and also torn apart and patched back together in order to alter sewer/water lines – done during the citywide upgrade, where the heavy equipment remained for days.  This is when WGS’s other associate, JCW, informed me that I would be meeting the others “in another world” as he planned on taking over our properties as well as the Laundromat.  It was an accident I got away.  The owner of the Laundromat was never seen again.  Signature on the new deed to the Laundromat looks the same as the one I saw WGS forge (trace) on an insurance application.  New owner of the Laundromat lives next door to JCW, who is linked to verified forgeries and “missing” person/s.  Earlier signature on deeds to Laundromat do not match – possibly linked to WGS and as well as a family tragedy (links to this) that occurred during that time.  (Following the links from this Laundromat lead to millions/billions in more real estate fraud/theft.)  




Shown below – where Bill was murdered:


There is even a member of this group who boasts about robbing and killing – smirking that after all these years, no one ever figured out who killed Bill Polzin.



More – click on link: 

This same pattern of running people off their property in order to alter the sewer and water lines can be seen all the way down Olive Ave. This is most likely why the area has continued to lose its well-established businesses as the neglect becomes more and more apparent. A “system” in which ongoing so-called “renovations” take place in-between property/business owners – a “rotation.” Not always done at one time or it would be too obvious. In the end, structures have been altered and new deeds reflect illegally changed property lines. Earlier records are mysteriously, “no longer available.” Done so slowly that to outsiders, nothing looks out of place – no one questions anything. At least not until now – I believe I am the first one to survive this group only to find that the next nightmare would be in reporting this. Upon providing a copy of the sewer layout, which verifies what I am stating, the City filed a Restraining order against me – death threats followed (by ?) if I do not stop reporting this.The links from Polzin continue down both blocks – same group I have spent years reporting. Same scenario. Same “rotation pattern.” Linked to the same estate planner (former employee of the City of Fresno.)


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