Trouble Creating GO FUND ME Account: “Looting & Altering Evidence at Fresno’s Colonial Van & Storage”

Need help in preserving evidence. Copy below:
“City of Fresno has been caught having unsuspecting residents annihilated in order to seize properties behind the central valley water scam / high-speed rail project. Prohibiting reports pertaining to the trail of legal fraud, insurance fraud, title fraud, lootings, destruction / major reconstruction without permits / inspections (on top of the revised underground infrastructures), deaths, murders, illegal takeovers, alleged baby-selling operation and more. Decades of altered records, altered aerial views, scanned / altered photos not only serve to cover up what they are running, but evidence behind so many accompanying deaths / murders.
Upon being exposed in the midst of another annihilation / takeover, Former Fresno Mayor Alan Autry (aka: “Bubba Skinner) prohibited reports, backed up perjury followed by threats against me for exposing the atrocities – including evidence behind the deaths of my family, several neighbors, friends and countless others. Not only had several attempts been made on my life, fraudulent legal documents had been prepared for illegal takeover of my family’s properties; fraudulent insurance policy on me while told I would be meeting the others (dead victims) “in another world.”
It was not intended I would still be alive. Poisoned, robbed, raped, stripped of a means of survival. The looting and destruction of properties continued. Mayor Autry had his risk analyst (Wilbert Swieso’s accomplice) sabotage insurance claims so nothing would be on record as one of his accomplices informed me that after I was dead, they (inc Wilbert Swieso of Principal Insurance) would seize the properties and file a massive insurance claim after the major fire being planned (gas lines beneath our 3 properties had been cross-connected into the “planted”/participating neighbors’ properties) as well as construction of a major restaurant on these lots. (2 blks east of the high-speed rail station.) This has been going on for decades – not only is this area (Tower District) lined with fraud, fires, deaths/murders illegal takeovers, they have trails being covered up.
In fear for my life at the same time attempting to save my remaining assets, I hired Colonial Van & Storage; they came and hauled off 5 huge crates to their facility. Upon having 2 of the crates returned – I was shocked to see that most of the contents had been had been looted / switched with trash (as done throughout my home.) The movers claimed no knowledge / responsibility. Not only had pictures on my hard drive been altered to match what had been done – 1 batch of photos that were in storage had been scanned / altered to match the switched trash as well as ongoing alterations to the properties and surrounding area.
Three (3) more large crates remain at Colonial Van & Storage including decades of photos. Those photos not only include evidence of the water scam, but evidence behind countless deaths / murders (and more) being covered up.
In order to continue paying these storage fees I cancelled every account and service not required to stay alive (phone service, life insurance, etc.), I am now on Medi-Cal and Food Stamps (Cal Viva.) But the nightmare here in Fresno only got worse as a result of what I exposed.
I can no longer afford to continue paying the monthly $221 storage fee – help is needed. Please.”
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For some reason, I was unable to create a Go Fund Me account.
What I am trying to expose affects countless people. Please help me preserve decades of evidence behind the atrocities accompanying the City of Fresno’s portion of the 60-yr water scam.
Earlier post regarding Colonial Van & Storage ===>
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CLASSIC! Winslow’s Letter of Denial – a “must see!”

Fresno, CA

Written by Jeffry C. Winslow, in response to forged legal documents.  I am not sure Mr. Winslow was aware  they had been verified by a licensed handwriting expert as being forged when he wrote this classic:



This also serves as more evidence of how the group behind the “secret” altering of the city water system has gotten by with using MY behavior while being poisoned, to justify what THEY are running, including what they did to my family, our properties, belongings and me.  Calling me “crazy” and “liar” as the horrors continued.  Yes, I was that and worse, as long as the chemicals were in my system.  How could they have predicted I would get away before they finished me off.  The truth is that my family was only 1 of countless others who this group has annihilated.  They did the same thing to my neighbor, who was never seen again – risk analyst set him up!  My other neighbor, across the street, was shot/killed when done to his property!  So how is it that even when accompanied by evidence, they continue to get by with using ME as an excuse for their barbaric operation.  Mayor Autry demonstrated the answer to that, when he had the same city employee(s) who set up my family, neighbor and me to be wiped out, issue a Restraining Order against ME!  Same technique as Mr. Winslow used above; same technique the nightmare tenants used when filing fraudulent lawsuits against me in order to further destroy and discredit me – he had ME deemed as a “danger” to THEM!  Can you believe that.  His goons are currently in the process of having me completely wiped out.

Therefore, an absurd letter such as the one above – written by the very person committing the felony crimes, holds more significance than the one below – written by a licensed handwriting expert.

Licensed Handwriting Expert
Licensed Handwriting Expert

Caution:   Winslow runs a nearby resort in the mountains, where he met his former wife who has not been seen in years.  Signatures verified as forged.  He said she was “in another world” where I was scheduled to meet her.  Many attempts have already been made – no doubt that is where I am headed, courtesy of the “honest” folks behind this operation.  It is promoted as a family resort, which should make you feel safe – happy trails!

“Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.”  – Voltaire.

City of Fresno using “planted” witnesses; COVER-UP!

From one end of town to the other – felony altering of city sewer and water lines.  50+/- yr cover-up now being connected to the main line during the citywide “upgrade.”
Using “planted” witnesses to lie about felony altering of the public sewer, water and power system.  Further entailing suspected homicide, attempted murder, unsolved murder(s) also being covered up.  Risk analyst conspiring with a former employee of the City of Fresno, Wilbert G. Swieso, in running people off their property – seizing control of belongings, property, illegal conversion of assets as felony altering of sewer and water lines take place.  Shoddily patched and re-built structures continue being sold as “original” because instead of permits, inspections or record for any of this taking place – PLAT/PARCEL MAPS ARE ALTERED TO COVER IT UP! 
Discarding older records and covering them up with altered records – leaving the sewer layouts no longer lining up to the unauthorized changes.  Upon being caught, the Dept. of Public Works committed perjury to discredit their own records.  WHICH RECORDS ARE THEY DISPUTING?!?  Or do they even know.  One lie magnifies the next one.
Pointing out the brand new water meter IN THE ALLEY, measuring 8′ south of where it was prior to UNAUTHORIZED replacement of sewer and water lines resulted in Kerry Trost, senior risk analyst for the City of Fresno, demanding – “That is YOUR problem – it is on YOUR property!”  In reality, I do not own the alley nor maintain the water meters.  Diagram from the County’s own web site:
The water meter I was/am referring to is connected to the sewer vent in my back yard that went from 2′ to 10′ from the property line – more verification of what they did to our properties!  THAT IS WHY TROST REFUSED TO ADDRESS THE SITUATION.  He committed perjury then made sure that I am prohibited from reporting this to anyone else at the City of Fresno – only HIM!  Then he demanded, “THIS IS OVER!”  He has since refused to even acknowledge me.  On top of everything else, he is now withholding public information; in this case, pertaining to public health and safety.  (And MUCH more/worse.)
With my paperwork and photographs stolen, Mr. Trost never expected me to prove what took place.  He smirked, “You will never prove it.”  I am referring to the widening of Olive Ave. which entailed the major destruction / reconstruction to street-lined properties.  Storm drains, fire hydrants, street lights, utility poles relocated, which he called me a “liar” about.  Had I not lived here my entire 55 yrs, I would not have gone to the trouble of proving who the “liar” and “criminals” are.  See below:

No longer lines up to plat map

No longer lines up to plat map

Mr. Trost further committed perjury to cover up the countless photographs his associate took of my family’s properties and belongings, as she blatantly lied about the cause behind repeated sewage back spills.  Trost told the Judge that since he used to work in a claims office, he could assure everyone that it was not unusual to have NO photographs of the CAUSE OF THE DAMAGES this woman claimed to be her reason for taking pictures!  He said their only concern was the actual damages yet there was not ONE photograph of damages either!   Lie upon lie upon lie.  Not only were the structures no longer standing as they were when this nightmare began, what better way to burglarize unsuspecting victims than by deliberately deluging them in toxic, infectious, disease-carrying sewage – leaving a trail of illness, asthma, infections, amputation, death and stealing/switching – not only belongings but down to the doors, windows, toilets, rain gutters, etc.  Dismantling homes and calling their victim(s) a “liar.”  In my case I consider the ongoing exposure to toxic waste to have been more “attempted murder!”  Clearly it was not intended that I would still be here either.  My assets were distributed, fraudulent legal documents had been prepared appointing Swieso in charge “should something happen to me” – same attorney who handled the Polzin estate!  (Unsolved murder as this was carried out across the street.)  Fraudulent life insurance policy, final arrangements UN-done, etc.  Mr. Swieso’s associate, JCW, informed me I would soon be meeting the others, “in another world.”  My handicapped uncle’s hospital visits coincided with sewage spills; his death coincided with the citywide upgrade in front of these properties, which is when Swieso hired me and had the fraudulent documents prepared – leaving no one home as the city’s major alterations were taking place on private and city property.  (Same pattern with countless other victims – not only sewage over flows but hospitalization and death seem to accompany Swieso’s offers of so-called “help.”  That leaves no one home as this nightmare continues.)  My neighbor died after the repeated exposure to toxic waste.  My other neighbor, who this risk analyst also lied to, was never seen again – new deed looks like another forgery – linked to more fraud, forgery, “missing” persons.  Not only followed by the City of Fresno committing perjury to deny this took place but death threats by (???) if I continue to report it! 
Kerry Trost then tried to cover this up by claiming he had it investigated.  Investigated?!?  THE CITY’S OFFICIAL SEWER LAYOUT VERIFIES EXACTLY WHAT WAS REPORTED!  Trost’s attempt to misguide the focus by claiming that a “DRIVE BY” showed no evidence of wrongdoing is absurd.  Even going as far as to ask the very people involved in this if they saw anything take place.  If he refuses to support the city’s official records then the next step would be to investigate the alterations hidden BENEATH THE SURFACE!  Beneath the repaved alley, beneath the new sidewalks, streets, construction, lawns, etc.  He put/s more time and effort into covering this up as his associate and Swieso taught the technique of unclamping these lines to create mold lawsuits, insurance claims, condeming of property, foreclosures, spreading more infectious disease-carrying raw sewage.  From one end of town to the other – anyone can now annihilate others with nothing more than a mere screwdriver.
Trost claims that nothing took place because none of the neighbors saw any of this take place.  Using “planted” witnesses – carrying on that I am “crazy.”  Which I was, as long as the chemicals continued being given to me without my knowledge or consent.  Continuing to use ME as an excuse for something of this magnitude is not acceptable.  Not only do I know first hand what the Dept. of Public Works is doing to unsuspecting residents, I met Swieso in 1982 and am very familiar with the decades of sewage back spills and forged papers.  If I was wrong, I would not have uncovered his trail of VERIFIED forgeries of people never seen again!   BEHIND ALTERING OF SEWER AND WATER LINES – ALL LINKED TO THE CITY OF FRESNO COVER-UP!
The SAME neighbors who claim not to have seen anything go on are the SAME neighbors who had William (“Bill”) Wyatt Polzin surrounded when this was carried out on his property, across the street from me.  Bill was shot and killed – an unsolved murder without any clues or motive left behind.  HERE ARE THE CLUES AND HERE IS THE MOTIVE!  The “credible witnesses” were right next door to Bill, their own sewer/water line alterations being carried out – connecting into Bill’s!  These same “credible witnesses” rotated on the same block, carrying out the same alterations on other parcels – including MUCH, MUCH MORE! 
These are the same “credible witnesses” who insisted that my home was not continually being burglarized and vandalized, resulting in Police reports and insurance claims being refused!  Same “credible witnesses” linked to Swieso and/or others involved in this – decades.  This is why there are no “witnesses” to anything.  This is why there are no older records of Fresno – what has been done is beyond belief.  Removal of structures and expansion of others.  Property lines altered, parcels shifted down in a “ripple effect.”  Streets widened – no permits or inspections for any of it, only more lies and altered plat/parcel maps to make it appear that nothing took place. 
The Dept. of Public Works called me a “liar” for saying that the utility poles were relocated.  Since when did they take over PG&E’s poles?  I am asking because I SAW THE GROUP IN ACTION!  First they tried to swindle me of $2,000 to reconnect all the lines/cables.  The minute I said I was going to call PG&E they demanded I not do that, which resulted in an additional $900+/- to my utility bill that month – coinciding with the city’s UNAUTHORIZED replacement of sewer/water lines!  (In addition to Swieso’s entourage, current and past employees of PG&E are behind the illegal relocating and altering of utility poles throughout Fresno, which is why there is no legitimate help from most field workers.)  Transferring the numbers from the poles in addition to altering PG&E’s records leaves the office personnel oblivious.
Various residents of Fresno, CA are being annihilated in order to vacate property so these alterations can be carried out.  
There is no help – only more lies and corruption.  In which case, perhaps some code violations might get some needed attention from outside agencies.  Clearly, the damages cannot be reversed but the heinous and barbaric crimes against innocent residents CAN BE STOPPED if an outside agency steps in and intervenes.  With my computer hacked and phones tapped in an attempt to sabotage me from taking that step, I cordially invite others to report this to a Whistleblower agency for some massive rewards.  As you can see by clicking on the link below, the City can be fined up to $25,000 per day for the kind of violations they are trying to cover up – there are many more.  If this is what it takes to stop Swieso and his group – so be it.  NO ONE IS ENTITLED TO DESTROY LIVES, HOMES, BUSINESSES AND TAKE WHAT OTHERS WORKED LIFETIMES FOR.  Not mentioned here is talk of what is being done to the babies and small children of victims.  Please – you will be doing us all a favor by reporting this – it can even be done anonymously.  The reward will be YOURS to keep.  
CA Health and Safety Code
Section 116725-116751

1994 unsolved murder may intertwine in massive Fresno cover-up

 The intertwining of an unsolved murder, missing person/s, suspected homicide, poisoning and attempted murder, burglary, fraudulent and forged legal documents – events that took place 1 block from one another, including some of the same cast of characters and linked to the SECRET altering of the city sewer and water lines.  Unless done in-between sales, God help the property owner/occupant.
Before reviewing the photos below, please click on these 2 links.  Be sure to read both pages.  The first one pertains to the Polzin murder.  It was the discoveries made 10 yrs later, 1 block to the east, that magnified never-before disclosed facts behind that tragic event. 
William (“Bill”) Wyman Polzin unsolved 1994 murder
Isn’t this real estate fraud/theft?        

 A closer look at the Polzin property:


Fresno Dept. of Public Works called me a “liar” and filed a Restraining Order against me after being caught behind felony altering of sewer, water and power lines 1 block east of the Polzin property.  The City’s own sewer layout verifies EXACTLY what they did – this was behind the sewage back spills we were lied to about.  This is behind all the newly clamped sewer and water lines.  This is behind the mold that consumed 1 of the 2 rental properties as Swieso conspired in cancellation of property insurance coverage.  This is behind the “gutting” and shoddy reconstruction of our properties, “suspected” homicide of my family members and attempted murder of me. THIS IS WHAT TOOK PLACE BEHIND WILLIAM POLZIN’S MURDER! 


Witnesses as well as sewer layout verifies the widening of Olive Ave. yet instead of notice or warning about the massive destruction / reconstruction, residents were lied to and eliminated. 

No longer lines up to plat map

No longer lines up to plat map



Parcel maps and aerial views were altered to cover up the evidence of the massive alterations including widening the residential street as well; cutting off several feet from front lawns, compensated by narrowing the alley!  With all my photographs and old documents stolen, the City of Fresno’s senior risk analyst, Kerry Trost then smirked, “You will never prove it” as he had a Restraining Order issued against me – turning the tables and calling me a “liar” about what took place.  He further prohibited me from seeking help, justice for the murders of my family, or compensation for what was done/stolen/destroyed.  Run off our income properties; my home left a shambles; property insurance sabotaged so I am unable to file a claim for ANY of this!  It was not intended that I would still be alive; fraudulent legal documents had been prepared; fraudulent life insurance policy; told I would be meeting the others, “in another world”; all assets distributed. The goal is now to discredit me and see that no reports are made – that allows the city to continue calling me a “liar” because “there is no report on file.”  THEY DO NOT ALLOW REPORTS! 
No record for the relocation of sewer manholes, storm drains and fire hydrants, which I was also called a “liar” about. 
Here lies a 50+/- cover-up.  This is at the core of heinous and barbaric crimes, pollution, illness, nasty water, much more.  According to Swieso, it is the continuation of Bonadelle’s “secret water operation” – WATER DIVERSION!  This, he said, was how they got around water laws and regulations, boasting that no one was as brave as he is when it comes to breaking laws.  He claims to be the mastermind behind this as far back as when it began – laughing that the public will never figure it out because they believe anything they are told.
I tried to make the surrounding facts/people easier to understand by creating diagrams – please see:

Stonehenge Antiques – 1994 unsolved Polzin murder cover-up

FRESNO, CA   STONEHENGE ANTIQUES – Olive, between Vagedes and Arthur (2 blks east of Fruit Ave.) William “Bill” Wyman Polzin – 1994 unsolved murder / shot to death when he stepped outside one morning.

Born 06-30-46 
Died 02-16-94 
Only 47 years old; 1 daughter
At the time of Bill’s murder, alterations to the structure as well as sewer and water lines (without permits or inspections) were taking place next door to him.  Immediately after Bill’s death, his property underwent major reconstruction, including sewer and water lines, all tied together with the neighbors’ lines. So to begin with, Bill’s murder appears to be another tragedy linked to the secret replacement of the city water system. For years I have been reporting a trail of similar atrocities that follow this operation.  It was after figuring out the pattern and uncovering a few more clues that led me back to Bill’s murder.    
The attorney who handled Bill’s estate (not listed in directories) was David A. Silva.  Mr. Silva was/is one of the partners of WGS, who is the self-proclaimed mastermind behind the felony alterations.  WGS is not only a former employee of the City of Fresno, he conspires with various city employees in overriding the planning department and altering records to cover up the evidence of what is taking place. 
Mr. Silva and WGS were later caught conspiring in the preparation of fraudulent legal documents for my family’s 2 properties, located 1 blk east of Bill’s property.  By the time it was over, not only had we lost our 2 income properties as a result of the horrific damages caused from the felony replacement of the water system, I was reporting suspected homicide of my family members, poisoning, attempted murder of me, burglary, VIN altering, and more.  I am still reporting it. 
The city risk analyst not only lied about the cause behind sewage back spills, she conspired with WGS in setting my family and me up for total annihilation.  Upon reporting Mr. Silva for his role in the fraud, he abandoned his office – taking clients’ money and files, never to be seen again.
Unable to understand why no one else complained about the massive damages that had taken place down the entire street, I looked in public records.  There I discovered a distinct rotation pattern among people linked to WGS.  They include neighbors and former tenants, who had caused so much hell and filed fraudulent lawsuits against me.  Clearly, Bill Polzin was surrounded no less than my family and I had been when targeted.  The links (entailing much more, upon request) speak for themselves.
My neighbor’s Laundromat across the alley from me was also targeted and also torn apart and patched back together in order to alter sewer/water lines – done during the citywide upgrade, where the heavy equipment remained for days.  This is when WGS’s other associate, JCW, informed me that I would be meeting the others “in another world” as he planned on taking over our properties as well as the Laundromat.  It was an accident I got away.  The owner of the Laundromat was never seen again.  Signature on the new deed to the Laundromat looks the same as the one I saw WGS forge (trace) on an insurance application.  New owner of the Laundromat lives next door to JCW, who is linked to verified forgeries and “missing” person/s.  Earlier signature on deeds to Laundromat do not match – possibly linked to WGS and as well as a family tragedy (links to this) that occurred during that time.  (Following the links from this Laundromat lead to millions/billions in more real estate fraud/theft.)  




Shown below – where Bill was murdered:


There is even a member of this group who boasts about robbing and killing – smirking that after all these years, no one ever figured out who killed Bill Polzin.



More – click on link: 

This same pattern of running people off their property in order to alter the sewer and water lines can be seen all the way down Olive Ave. This is most likely why the area has continued to lose its well-established businesses as the neglect becomes more and more apparent. A “system” in which ongoing so-called “renovations” take place in-between property/business owners – a “rotation.” Not always done at one time or it would be too obvious. In the end, structures have been altered and new deeds reflect illegally changed property lines. Earlier records are mysteriously, “no longer available.” Done so slowly that to outsiders, nothing looks out of place – no one questions anything. At least not until now – I believe I am the first one to survive this group only to find that the next nightmare would be in reporting this. Upon providing a copy of the sewer layout, which verifies what I am stating, the City filed a Restraining order against me – death threats followed (by ?) if I do not stop reporting this.The links from Polzin continue down both blocks – same group I have spent years reporting. Same scenario. Same “rotation pattern.” Linked to the same estate planner (former employee of the City of Fresno.)


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