Wilbert Swieso’s barbaric “rotation system” comes full circle

Earlier blogs explain Wilbert G. Swieso’s secret sideline – annihilation / takeovers behind the City of Fresno water scam. I explained how he targeted me back in 1982 – with the goal of taking control of my family’s 3 properties located in the Tower District. We met at Principal Insurance. Where his associate, Jon F.M. bypassed all rules and regulations in order to hire me – going as far as to FIRE his experienced office manager in order to do so.


(Nov. 2013) This blog was originally written in 2009. It was already somewhat scrambled due to still being overwhelmed when I wrote it. Just recently I noticed so much of it was DELETED – so I am trying to add it back in. Unfortunately, it is becoming an even more scrambled mess – it needs to be completely re-written which I will do in the future but for now, you will still get the idea.


From the beginning it made no sense why I was hired. The employment agency said they received a call to send me on this interview. She could not understand why – I did not qualify. And I did not understand who knew I was going to the employment agency!

One of the first things Mr. M asked me was if I had any experience in the insurance field – no. He asked me if I knew shorthand, another requirement – no. I told him “I can write fast.” He had me take a typing test – 85-90 wpm. But why – I did not qualify for this job. Yet for some reason, Mr. M was interested in hiring me. But why? Over and over he asked me if my family owned our properties – only after making sure we did, he indicated his interest in hiring me. After telling me the pay scale I declined he offer. I was already earning that much, I was looking for something that paid more. He called me at home, which was against the employment agency rules – he wanted to negotiate. Once I accepted the offer, he fired his secretary! Then he placed an ad in the Fresno Bee newspaper – seeking someone to fill the position which until that day, was not open! Said that was to “protect himself.” (At the time, I had no idea what he meant.)

Home Office was EXTREMELY upset with Mr. M. This is not how they run things. Mr. M was not authorized to take such liberties. There had been no discussion about firing his secretary let alone who would replace her. Nor was it this company’s policy to hire through an employment agency. Not only were they forced to pay the fee to this employment agency, but pay a salary to me, which was higher than an experienced employee earned! What was the reason for this?!? They repeatedly demanded an explanation, which they never received.

The first person Mr. M introduced me to was Wilbert Swieso. Mr. Swieso had just bought a new (used) Porsche. Told me, “I’m going to give you a ride in it one day.” Little did I know how true that was – he took me to hell and back.

Mr. M told me about Mr. Swieso’s uncanny ability to find things at yard sales and auctions – if I ever needed to find someone, go to Mr. Swieso. Let me clarify – THAT IS NOT HOW WILBERT SWIESO ACQUIRES THINGS – HE IS RUNNING A GRUESOME SECRET SIDELINE BEHIND CLOSED DOORS!!! I was also told about Mr. Swieso’s wife – described as crazy and jealous, always suspecting and accusing him of cheating on her. (Keep reading – there is reason for this.)

One year later my mother died. I will never forget calling the office to say I would not be in. It seemed like Mr. M already knew! With my mother out of the way, it was only later I realized what had been taking place on our properties. Or what my father was going through – I did not understand what he was telling me. Nor did I realize Mr. Swieso’s connection to the Laundromat next door to our properties – let alone more evidence of everything I have been saying for so long – our properties were already being altered behind our backs – my family had been set up long before this. Same group at the core – passing the torch.

The vultures were circling. It was only 1 week after my mother died when one of the insurance agents (B.W.) came in the office – telling me my father would get Alzheimer’s and I would lose everything. How did he know.

And then another employee of Principal Insurance was recruited to assist in the operation ~ Diane Fxxxxxxxxx. She was to become my “friend” – as I continued to remain oblivious to what was taking place. To our properties, my family or myself. This works on a “rotation system” – Diane unknowingly stepped right into it when she became the 7th wife of Mr. Swieso’s partner.

In time, Mr. M served his purpose. He was betrayed. He called me 2 wks prior to his suicide – asked me to come over. He was distraught, pacing, repeatedly saying, “I can’t tell you – you would not understand.”

By this point, I quit Principal Ins. to take care of my dad who was developing health issues. Wilbert Swieso was always lurking around. Biding his time. He retired from Principal Ins., starting his own insurance company, Inland Insurance.” His office manager called me one day – lo and behold, one of the women I used to work with in the cotton dept. at Bank of America (with the others I once believed were my “friends.”) She and Mr. Swieso wanted me to come work part time, which I accepted. Regardless I did not come until 10:00, they INSISTED I eat with them. But I was not to be in the room while it was prepared or heated – it would be served to me. In time, I began bringing food, but I was not allowed to heat or serve it – it would be served to ME! My behavior was again beyond belief – like a crazy woman, sometimes totally out of control, which of course they were exploiting behind my back. Over and over this woman asked me what would happen to my family’s properties after my father died. Big plans were underway. Including plans for Alan Autry (aka: Bubba Skinner) to come to Fresno, CA to fill the role of City Manager or Mayor – it had not yet been decided. How could that be, I asked. He was an actor – starring in “Heat of the Night.” The office manager just laughed, assuring me this was going to be incredible for everyone. (Sure enough, 9-10 yrs later, Alan Autry became Mayor 2000-2008. Finishing what Wilbert Swieso began DECADES earlier. When perjury, threats and worse were not enough to silence me, massive cover-up throughout the entire area ensued – because what took place here ties into more annihilations, fires, illegal takeovers in the Tower Dist. [and far beyond.])

It was also near this time, Mrs. Swieso came to my house, begging me not to sleep with her husband, which made no sense – I would never THINK of such a thing. In reality, she knew that is what the chemicals cause – on top of everything else, I became a promiscuous nightmare. Just as I was informed has been done to others (which she caught her husband entangled in.) I was being filmed and recorded – distributed to everyone as “proof” of how terrible I was. Ties were being severed; the path was being cleared for the upcoming ambush.

Another time, Mrs. Swieso came to visit – this time bringing a book, “Assertive Training.” She explained I was too nice, too easy going, I did not stand up for myself and needed to read this book. My behavior was becoming out of control due to the unknown chemicals – I was becoming nasty, vicious – cursing EVERYONE!!!! (I became nothing short of a runner-up for “The Exorcist!”) Mrs. Swieso commended me – said I was finally learning how to conduct myself – thanks to the book she loaned me. But I only read 2-3 paragraphs – what was happening to me?!?

I was called a alcoholic, drug-addict whore. Just as the Swieso’s described others who ended up dead. Believe me when I say that once a person’s reputation and credibility have been destroyed – no one cares or questions their death. With all ties to me severed, the only one remaining was my doctor. I take thyroid pills, and go in periodically for a blood test. The Swiesos decided I did not need to continue doing this – providing me with articles of alternative methods. Thank God I stood firm in telling them NO – because when all was said and done (not mentioned here), it was my doctor who ultimately saved my life. (He does not even know because the facts leading up to that were never documented – I have been systematically refused help or even allowed to file reports of what was done to me.)

The office manager took a vacation while I covered for her. Only later did I see what had been done in my home. And the evidence that left no doubt who was behind that portion. My poor father tried so hard to tell me but his health was getting worse and I was becoming a nightmare. After 2 yrs or so I quit to take care of my father and Rolf on a full-time basis.

Diane’s (mentioned above) mental and physical condition continued to worsen. I was informed by Blob (behind more hell and water scam) to stay away from her because she was going to die. How could he say such a thing? Blob claimed he used to work in a rest home and was familiar with these things. Diane got away from her husband, pled for help claiming poison with intent to kill. Unfortunately, due to her behavior while married to this man – no one believed her. Everyone was instead, commending HIM for putting up with her for so long – including her own family members! One year later she died, age 39. She, too, had served her purpose. As for Blob, all reports of being poisoned were disregarded. I did manage to have a Restraining Order against him – in turn, he did the same to against me, filled with lies. Once again from the outside, it is HIM who appears the victim. What he did t my father, Rolf and me remains covered up. Dear God, please help me expose the truth. _/\_

After my father died, Wilbert was always nearby. (Facts behind this mentioned in other blogs.) Mr. Swieso was behind the “planted” tenants who were stripping the properties and causing so much hell. He conspired with the City risk analyst in setting up Rolf for elimination – also described in other blogs. Once Rolf died, he hired me to work for him again. He also hired another employee, David, who was out of the office most of he time – returning with files that looked like my family’s! Tons and tons of them being taken to a copy center. Naturally, Mr. Swieso assured me they were not mine or my family’s. Our properties were altered, underground utilities being cross connected to the neighbors for an upcoming fire.

The chemicals were taking a toll on me.  I was a mess.  My home had become a horrific mess – you could barely walk through it. Same with the office after Wilbert Swieso re-hired me – a nasty mess.  In my condition, I could not *see* it.  Behind my back I was being exploited to all – more ties being severed.

An old, closed insurance file repeatedly kept appearing on my desk. Why? He just kept telling me to look at the name – I did not “get it.” I just kept filing it back. And it continued appearing on my desk! It was not until later, during my research, when I saw that name in public records. THE LAUNDROMAT NEXT DOOR TO US!

The Laundromat – the small portion was an insurance agency back in the 60s.  Mr. Swieso worked 3 blks away (Equitable Ins.)  He told me he had been keeping tabs on my family’s properties when he used to do business with this insurance company.  What happened to the owner?  And what happened to my blog showing the legal papers (and more) that made it appear this property could have been another annihilation / takeover / ID theft.


Who was this next “owner” whose signatures do not appear to match.  Behind our backs he had been conspiring with Wilbert Swieso throughout the years as my family had been targeted for annihilation and our properties being set up for a fire and illegal takeover.

It was 2000 when Jeffrey Winslow (Wilbert’s other accomplice who I later reported for poisoning me with intent to kill and take our properties) told me he was taking all the properties over – including this Laundromat.  He said the properties would go down in flames with an insurance claim paying for construction of a restaurant – with me scheduled to meet the others, “in another world.”   Just as the finale’ was about to take place, the risk analyst lied and set up the owner of the Laundromat – she was the last person seen speaking(lying) to him as the structure underwent further reconstruction, changes in property lines, etc.  Wilbert then forged the same name of this man’s wife on an insurance application – while citing his motto, “You can’t live for the dead.”  (Exactly as he did with Rolf’s fraudulent documents designed for illegal takeover.)

CLICK ===>  <a href=http://tinyurl.com/b82svup>Laundromat / Wilbert Swieso</a>

A man later came to my home claiming to be Albert’s son.  I met Albert’s sons – this man was not one of them.  My continued research showed he was the neighbor of Jeffry C. Winslow – the one Jeffry was always mentioning, without telling me.  More research showed even more – I fear posting it here due to possible repercussions.

My next-door neighbors (on the other side) also conspired with Mr. Swieso what was being done to my family and our properties.  More misguided focus as they were being set up in the “rotation system.”   Husband was set up – left dead. Exactly as JCW told me he would.

I remained in touch with another employee from Principal Ins. – a woman who Diane (Swieso / JFM’s accomplice) hired. Leading me to believe she was my “friend” as well – behind closed doors that was not the case.  In fact, one time I came home to hear her voice on my telephone answering machine – she had been in my home without my knowledge – someone had used my phone and not hung it up correctly.  I could hear the (her) voice in the background, “Are you sure it is okay to go in there?” With my final departure underway, with ongoing chemicals to keep me sick / oblivious to the ongoing alterations – my home had been opened for clearing / switching.  Paying this one off with MY belongings as well as a new vehicle (?) – never questioning what brought on the health issues in her own home as they opened their doors to this group.  Misguided focus (as Blob calls it) with Jeffry Winslow laughing that this woman and her husband would both end up dead. Only the husband died.

Clearing the path.  Rewarding participants to comply – some of whom end up dead after the alterations have been completed.  Those at the core still need them off the property because only then, can the final records / evidence be altered at the title company.  Deeds, plat maps changed to match the new layout, in some cases recording forged/ fraudulent documents and loan papers.  No one questions anything.

Although there is a trail of this, the purpose of this blog is to expose how Mr. Swieso recruits others to carry out his dirty work – victims and participants ending up dead. That way, the dots cannot be connected. No one ever suspects Mr. Swieso of wrongdoing. He boasts that no one will ever catch or stop him. Says that “everyone trusts him – he could not have come this far otherwise.”

The fraud, corruption, conspiring, destruction of lives and evidence of what Mr. Swieso began 20 yrs earlier, comes full circle.

To fully understand what Mr. Swieso is doing, below is a brief recap of earlier blogs.

CLICK: Swieso, Mr. M., Principal Insurance

CLICK: Jon F.M., another deceased employee of Principal Insurance

CLICK: Diane Fxxxxxxxx, another deceased employee of Principal Insurance

CLICK: “He deserved to die.” “I’m glad he is dead.”

Once the torch was passed to Mr. Swieso back in 1982, he spent the next 20+ yrs in severing ties, recruiting others, and creating a lynch mob against me for what was coming. Not only would my family members need to be eliminated, I would have to be totally annihilated, severed and hated by all, which would allow him to override and “clear off” the properties. Hence, the years of unknown chemicals being administered without my knowledge. I was a horrible mess, being filmed and recorded for what was coming. My behavior while being poisoned was how Mr. Swieso and his group (inc my own siblings who had been turned against me due to my behavior while being poisoned) would justify the final ambush in order to take our properties.

Throughout the entire 20 yrs, Mr. Swieso told me he was involved in a “secret water project” that would result in development where he owned property. It sounded so ridiculous that no one believed him.  (That included me.)

In addition to the suspected homicides of my family members, my siblings and I were turned against one another. As ends were being played against one another throughout the years, my siblings were recruited, which further served to make Mr. Swieso appear innocent from any wrongdoing. My siblings remain oblivious that the initial portion of this operation began when we were children. Behind the chemicals I have been describing. In fact, our father ended up hospitalized for alleged poisoning after being victimized by a prominent City official. Our mother was also victimized by this man. In later years, my father was wrongfully discharged from the hospital and refused an autopsy (alleged poisoning.) Same with Rolf – also refused an autopsy. At one point I ended up in Emergency after alleged poisoning by the brother-in-law of a (current) City councilman. He told me, “We are not playing around.”

Mr. Swieso conspired with an attorney (who appears to be FAKE) in fraudulent legal documents, overriding the Irrevocable Trust and having HIMSELF appointed, “Successor Trustee” of my family’s properties. See the SHOCKING cover up by clicking below.

Click Above


CLICK: DiBuduo & DeFendis Ins. / Wilbert Swieso Ins.
CLICK: David A. Silva, atty / Wilbert Swieso

He conspired with a nearby WATER DISTRICT in a fraudulent insurance policy, stating I was THEIR employee with Mr. Swieso appointed, “beneficiary.”

He coerced me into changing the beneficiary on my regular life insurance policy from my siblings to him, reminding me that my siblings did not help family when it was needed; he said they did not deserve anything ~ HE did, for all he did to “help” me through the years. Then he showed me brochures of new Porsches, saying he would finally be able to buy one, thanks to me.

He “planted” the tenants in my family’s 2 income properties, which were being torn apart and rebuilt without authorization, permits or inspections. Ongoing hell, fraudulent lawsuits, not only kept the focus off what was happening to the properties. The more lawsuits filed against me, the worse I was left appearing. It did not matter that these people did not win their cases, it is what I now appear as being when my name is looked up.

He had my computer networked to his office. As if my email did not entail enough insanity while being administered chemicals, it was being altered – portions deleted – God only know what was added – stacks of it being distributed. He even tried to sell a full set to L.O.G. at the cost of what he said the copy center charged – $40. Can you imagine how huge that stack was? He was using it as “proof” – to convince people I was “crazy” and needed to be institutionalized. (This is also when, according to L.O.G., he told Mrs. Swieso what Mr. Swieso was doing with me behind closed doors – an affair with the “crazy” woman.  He said his wife was so angry she hit him on the side of the head.  (She should have known better – she knew what those chemicals do, which is why she begged me not to sleep with him.  His friend Buzz told me she caught him with a previous victim, the one from Bakersfield.)

Wilbert Swieso conspired with Eberwein Auto Repair in charging me $5,000 for so-called “repairs” on a 1990 Honda.  In my condition I did not realize it was being switched, portion at a time.  It only ran a few more miles.

He conspired with the City of Fresno’s risk analyst in lying and setting up my family and other neighbors for annihilation. In addition to ongoing illnesses, infections, amputations, deaths that took place here (described above), William Polzin was murdered 2 door west when this was done to his property. Once again, public records were altered to match the new layout – neighbors lied about what took place before, during and after. The murder remains “unsolved” because the information is not allowed! Upon telling senior risk analyst, Kerry Trost, that Mr. Polzin’s murder ties into what was done to my father then Rolf’s murder, he LAUGHED! (Prior to this he committed perjury to call me a “liar” about what took place on our properties, while smirking, “You will never prove it.”)

My other neighbors had been “planted” to participate in the nightmare – as well as serve as credible witnesses that nothing took place. From major reconstruction, to property lines changed, to street widening, relocation of storm drains, utility poles, etc. they claim they never saw any of it. (They have trails of this as the operation continues throughout town.)

How far gone would a person have to be not to see their own home being rebuilt – belongings being stolen / switched. That is what the chemicals caused – allowing these monsters to take over. I was poisoned, robbed, raped, catheterized while incapacitated as the major reconstruction continued. Photos discarded; others scanned and altered to match what had been done.

Mr. Swieso conspired in having me pay $5,000 in new central heat/air units for the 2 commercial properties (Olive Ave.) Behind my back they were switched with trash. Same with new window coverings/awnings. (I was pouring out money in repairs, etc. as Swieso and his mob were stripping these properties.)

He conspired with my commercial property insurance agent in cancellation / non-renewal of coverage. By that time, a portion of the water lines had already been replaced without my knowledge or consent. Loosened, covered with new cement, resulting in mold to consume 1 of the 2 structures. Money was being poured into repairs as well as a brand new roof which of course, did nothing to stop or help the situation. The “planted” tenant was going to sue and own all (as Swieso’s group boasts of doing to others in this manner.)

Attempts to seek replacement property insurance coverage were being intercepted and sabotaged.

I was left with no choice but to sell. The realtor was playing both ends – lying about the value, refusing to let me see the appraisal. Both properties on 1 deed so I did not notice the revisions. Fraudulent loan information for the buyer (verified twice.) In the end, I was cheated in excess of $1 million. All the contents were stolen as well – valuable heirlooms, tons of family photos, much more.

My entire family had been targeted decades earlier. All I can do is look back and recall what was being done to my parents and grandmother – at the time I could have never suspected anything so horrible. As you can see, Mr. Swieso had me surrounded as the plotting, planning, and cover-up continued. The more people he recruited, the more HIS tracks were covered. He created the situations he then portrayed himself a victim of, as he courageously stepped in to “save” my siblings. He used people as “credible witnesses” to call me a liar and further threaten me. Behind everyone’s backs he was planning my final departure while conspiring with Public Works in what took place – lying and setting us up for elimination. This was behind the sewage back spills the risk analyst was lying about, verified on the City of Fresno’s UNALTERED records. That is when the health issues began – sicknesses, infections, respiratory, amputations, deaths. Out of 350+/- photos the risk analyst was taking behind her so-called “investigation” – she later claimed to only have 10+/- photos. Not ONE photo of the reason she claimed to be coming out; not ONE photo of the damages ~ it was all a set up.

Just as I had seen him do with countless others, Mr. Swieso called upon his plumber son to “help” with sewage back spills that inevitably followed his so-called “help with home repairs.” The hospitalization of my handicapped uncle allowed more alterations without my knowledge or consent. The death of my uncle allowed him to hire me, which left no one home. He then conspired in the fraudulent legal documents. And just as I had witnessed so many others doing, I thanked him for all his “help” when it was needed, never realizing that “help” was never needed until he stepped into the picture.

HELP?!? Mr Swieso wants everyone to believe he helped me? Behind my back, he was exploiting me and setting me up for total annihilation. With my family out of the way and my final arrangements underway, I was robbed, raped, poisoned, filmed with hidden cameras, pets killed, catheterized while incapacitated during reconstruction. Home torn apart and left a shambles, homeowner’s insurance sabotaged so I could not file a claim for ANYTHING. Then called a “liar” ~ prohibited from even filing a report! So let’s take a closer look at how Mr. Swieso “helped” ANYONE other than HIMSELF! Only this time, look beyond the smokescreen and you will see the conclusion of what he set out to accomplish back in 1982 – the conclusion of what began decades earlier.

Below is a copy of a letter I wrote while in the midst of desperately trying to find replacement insurance coverage for my family’s 2 income properties.

First you see the name, Paul. (Pawel.) The realtor who lied about the value of the properties (in excess of $1 million); allowed escrow to continue for 1 yr without telling me about the fraudulent legal documents (appointing Swieso “Successor Trustee” despite an Irrevocable Trust) being the cause for the hold-up. When I demanded an explanation he turned on me, threatening to sue ME for not telling HIM that the documents were fraudulent! (Another “victim.”) But that is not the reason I posted a copy of this letter. My reason pertains to the person it is written to ~ the insurance agent who Paul (Pawel) sent out to meet with me regarding replacement coverage. After turning over my previous insurance papers to him, this insurance agent had the audacity to tell me that the properties were uninsurable until I had them “painted and cleaned up.” Since they had already been painted I asked him to elaborate on what in hell he was referring to. He said paint was peeling on some of the eaves. The realtor laughed and laughed because this was absurd. My point? That “insurance agent” not only knew Mr. M, it appears that he was Mrs. M’s second husband!

More retaliation for my horrible behavior and foul mouth while being poisoned? No doubt. Mr. Swieso was conspiring with Paul (Pawel) in the final step of wiping me out and taking control of the properties he intended on taking over 20 yrs earlier! He HAD to have the properties VACATED to carry out his “secret sideline.” He used Mr. M to set me up then used Mr. M’s family to seek revenge for what I had been portrayed as. He did the exact same thing with Diane, then used her family to seek revenge. He did the same thing with my family. With everyone’s focus on destroying and getting ME off these properties, no one ever saw beyond the smokescreen as Mr. Swieso once again appeared as everyone’s savior. (Dead people do not argue.)

Not only did Mr. Swieso have my family wiped out and removed from our properties in order to have the water system replaced, parcel maps were illegally altered in escrow to match up to the new property lines. In this case, the deeds also entail fraudulent financing information. The buyer did not qualify to buy 1 let alone both buildings ~ that is what the fraudulent legal documents were for, so Mr. Swieso would end up with the properties without paying ONE CENT, just as it appears he did to my neighbor who was never seen again as this took place! With my final departure underway, once again there would be no witnesses left behind.

With the evidence of Mr. Swieso’s “secret sideline” now exposed, that letter brings things full circle as to Mr. Swieso’s intentions from the day we met. This is another example of the “rotation system” I have been describing. He uses, manipulates, discards and rotates on to the next one, no one ever realizing or suspecting him of wrongdoing. So many people and layers of fraud, one does not see what is taking place at the core of all this. Until now.

Click: Marla

There is so much more. Clearly, Mr. Swieso is light-years ahead of everyone else. Comparing himself to “Hitler” and referring to himself as a “chameleon” with good reason ~ from all outside appearances he could not appear more harmless. Mr. Swieso is a former employee of the City of Fresno – back when Hank Morton was Chief of Police. (Do you understand that, siblings? If not there is MORE!!!!!!!!! Not to mention what was being done to these properties THAT FAR BACK!)

Behind closed doors Mr. Swieso claims to be the co-creator of what he refers to as “Bonadelle’s secret water operation.” That explains why all reports and pleas for help from the City of Fresno were prohibited – they are at the core of this. It was not expected I would still be alive. The City not only had records altered to match the new layouts and property lines, they retaliated against me by using our Justice System to commit perjury, backed by MAYOR ALAN AUTRY, with a Restraining Order issued against me as though I was the criminal. Followed by a threatening letter if I contacted them or pled for help again!

As I have been saying all along, this is why I was hired by Principal Insurance all those years ago ~ for the sole purpose of annihilating my family and taking our properties. The continuation of my previous employers / co-workers (info pertaining to each of them upon request. Passed from one to the next.) With rewards for every turnover of property behind the water scam – annihilation of innocent people has become a “sport.” With our officials at the core of this – all reports of crimes, fraud, murders are kicked aside.

Before I realized the magnitude of all this I wanted / offered to take a lie-detector test regarding my discoveries as well as fraudulent accusations against me. Wilbert Swieso PROHIBITED that – “You probably believe yourself”, he snapped. What about Mr. Swieso taking one. Since he claims to be the honest and honorable insurance agent, surely he has nothing to hide. WHY IS HE BEING PROTECTED?!?

One nightmare after another. In addition to the decades of hell I have endured, as well as the perjury, death threats and sexual harassment against me by the City of Fresno for surviving / exposing this, see who else made sure Wilbert G. Swieso, CLU, ChFC, their “Top Insurance Agent” was never found out (including Fresno office managers Rodney Thornton and William Griffith.) Stripped of human and civil rights, loss of family, properties, belongings, means of survival, pinned into a corner as the horrors continue.

There is so much more – including an alleged baby-selling operation behind this. Laughing and boasting that no one will ever figure it out due to the expertise in the fraudulent paperwork. Talk of child sex and dismemberment of the older ones. All reports PROHIBITED!

My siblings are oblivious of what they stepped into. They won’t make it out alive either ~ the “rotation system” will continue as it always has. Outsiders never see or question anything. In fact as Wilbert Swieso also laughs, “The public believes whatever they are told.”


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  1. Ron Lamm, MY property insurance agent who REFUSED to assist or even acknowledge me, was sending MY BUSINESS to SWIESO’S office, despite repeated requests to STOP! They conspired in cancellation and non-renewal of property insurance coverage as mold consumed 1 of the 2 structures.
    Pic below:


    CLICK: Rolf

  3. ROTATION CONTINUES AMONG MY FAMILY. CLICK: Dear Ralph, You were set up too.

  4. Even after the deaths and mutilations, they participated in the cover-up.
    CLICK: House Next Door – Ongoing Horrors & Hell

  5. Click ===> Diane Never Stood A Chance

  6. As done to so many of my postings, the main portions of this one were deleted – I am trying to update – making an already scrambled blog even more scrambled, however, you get the idea.
    To Jon’s family – look beyond the smokescreen. After the family broke up, Jon and wife # 2 repeatedly told me about all the reconstruction that took place there. (Pssst…. Jon also told me he still loved wife #1. More.) Then, after Jon died, guess who the 1 and only person was to lie about what Swieso did to Jon. Shall I continue?

  7. Also want to mention seeing how Wilbert Swieso “catered” to his confused clients – helping them cheat on their LTC tests, using me (due to my father’s diagnosis) to promote selling more LTC – forging, altering insurance papers and legal documents while citing his motto: “You can’t live for the dead.” More on this to follow.

  8. Want to mention. I told D’Craig (another of Swieso’s accomplices) there was no doubt in my mind that my siblings had also been administered chemicals to turn them into the vicious animals they became. They were turned against me as a result of my behavior, ultimately opening doors for this mob as well as participating in the annihilation/s. D’Craig agreed they were being poisoned – said they would die being poisoned, never knowing the difference. (A person does not realize they are being poisoned until getting away from those behind the water scam.)
    Another one recently told me he knew I was being poisoned and set up for permanent elimination but claimed he could not help me. Nice “friend”, eh? Next time I saw him he told me it was not over – regardless everything I claimed was true, I would likely die a “martyr.” It sure isn’t over – the cover up of evidence continues, not only these properties but entire area (Tower District) because the evidence verifies 60+ yrs of this and much more.

  9. Immediately after Rolf died, Wilbert said he was going to MN for an insurance meeting. He knew one of my dreams was to meet my cousin, “A”, in WI so he agreed to take me. He also took “R”, his retired welder friend – as a thank you for all the “help” him with the welding at my house. (Including the valuable antique bankers safe (switched), musical wrought iron, etc. behind my back?) On a meager income, “R” was so grateful since he could not afford such a trip to North Dakota – he looked forward to staying with his family while attending his 60-yr high school reunion. Below – I took this picture of Wilbert and “R” at the airport. (Don’t know who the other people are on each side.)

    Click pic ===> http://tinyurl.com/42tfpu9

    The trip lasted 10 days, during which time, Wilbert was constantly pulling over to use pay phones. Little did I know what was being done to the properties. He apparently was filming me in the motels, then having the films turned into a CD making me appear to be in various motels with different men. Upon meeting my cousin, he brought in a file, and claimed he needed to lay down. Could that have been the stocks that vanished, which A repeatedly claimed my family did not deserve? Upon our return home, what a surprise when Wilbert opened several investment accounts for “R” – totaling hundred$ of thousand$. Then he obsessively told me that the daughter was the beneficiary. Was she targeted next? Isn’t this similar to what he did to my family? And the others I posted about in other blogs?

  10. I met Lanny when I took my fax to his shop for repairs. He never let go as he hell and horrors escalated. More than once he mentioned some property he would soon be acquiring as soon as the owner died (a man he said had already lived his life and had no further purpose.) As for my own fear and panic of what was taking place with Rolf and me – he sneered, “We all have to die anyway.” (Reminds me of his pal, Swieso’s motto while altering / forging his victims’ legal documents and insurance papers, “You can’t live for the dead.”)
    CLICK ===> Lanny

    CLICK ===> Who was behind the blood tests?

  12. CLICK =====> Local Moving & Storage

  13. Cut off from another inheritance.
    CLICK ===> My Other Uncle Died

  14. CLICK ===> More Reasons Fresno Attorney Should Have Been Investigated

  15. A reverse mortgage aka: Home Equity Conversion Loan, is a financial instrument that allows seniors to access the equity in their home without income or credit qualifications. No payments while borrower occupies the property. Repayment only if the borrower sells or moves out for more than 365 consecutive days.
    What a coincidence – Wilbert Swieso had a realtor license in order to provide this service for his elderly clients. After what Mr. Swieso did to me as well as what I saw him do with elderly (and CONFUSED) clients (inc forging and altering ins papers and legal documents), every one of those transactions should ALSO be investigated!

  16. Jeffry C. Winslow is Wilbert Swieso’s accomplice. I reported Jeffry for poisoning me with intent to kill. My friend became the 7th wife of Jeffry’s other partner and reported the same thing – dead, age 39. Our officials do not allow reporting these men or their horrific crimes.
    Click ===> Secret Service

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